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WildC.A.T.s #8

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The world is dying. Grifter may just be our last hope, but things aren’t looking too good for him either. Luckily, his trusty teammates will stand by his side until the end. Meet the new WildC.A.T.s: Green Arrow, Robin, Savant, Scarecrow, Maul, and Midnighter.

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  • 90

    Lyles Movie Files

    Art inconsistencies aside, this installment of WildCATS is a terrific example of why this has been such an unpredictably fascinating read.


    What continues to make this book so fun is writer Matthew Rosenberg really embracing the challenge of making this a unique chapter of WildCATS. The characters are familiar but their roles are drastically different making for a fresh read for new and old WildCATS fans.

    It doesn’t hurt that Rosenberg isn’t afraid to take some bold, daring chances that continually pay off.

    The art was handled this issue by Danny Kim and Michele Bandini. Bandini had an impressive two issue stint on Batman Inc. and again displays an excellent sense of layouts and engaging action.

    Kim’s work is also solid with a gritty style that works well with the title. The only catch is their styles aren’t very complementary creating a jarring shift when they alternate sequences.

    This has sneakily been a very solid title for DC and one that is benefiting from its creative team having full rein to keep readers constantly off guard.

  • 88

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Rosenberg continues to craft and entertaining, action packed epic in this series. I love both sides of the story and how Grifter’s trip through the multiverse opens up new and interesting story moments and revelations for him. While the Grifter story has great action and thrills, the other part of the story has great tension and an awesome build up between the rest of the team and the forces targeting the Halo Corporation. I can’t wait to see where both sides of the story go from here.

    The Art: Kim and Bandini deliver amazing art with distinctive styles that are perfect for both parts of the story and its characters.

  • 80

    Graphic Policy

    Written by Matthew Rosenberg, WildC.A.T.s #8 continues the wild ride mainly focusing on Grifter’s story. Lost on another world, he’s now part of a resistance fighting against the Halo Corporation and hoping he’ll be able to find a way home. Rosenberg delivers a lot of action as the battle begins and is able to pack a lot in as well. We quickly learn a lot about these alternate world versions of familiar characters, each slightly different than what we know. And we get some fun surprises and twists as the battle progresses.


    The art by Danny Kim and Michele Bandini is solid. With Elmer Santos on color and lettering by Ferran Delgado, the issue delivers every beat so well. The humor really gets punctuated by body language while the action is a bit of a throwback to classic Image. It mixes old and new in a way but feels very at home in DC.

    WildC.A.T.s #8 continues a series that’s one of the most fun on the shelves. It’s able to mix so much together and make it work. After years of what feels like false starts, this series has cracked the code of folding in the Wildstorm Universe and the DC Universe and make it seem like it was always the case. A comic to look forward to with every release.

  • 80


    appreciate that each member of the team is written in such a way that if I were to close my eyes and hear the dialogue spoken aloud, I would have a good idea of who was speaking. Rosenberg does a great job balancing humor and emotion, creating three-dimensional characters that are fun to read and really draw you in. The art by Kim and Bandini draws you in as well, with great looking characters and great action panels. Colors are really utilized well, and help to punch-up the action and deliver some really beautiful ambiance when needed.

    WildC.A.T.s #8 is an exciting and fun read, and should be one of the titles you are watching month-to-month.

  • 75


    While it has its flaws, WildC.A.T.s #8 does exactly what a good WildC.A.T.s issue should. It creates thrilling action, adds in some high stakes, and pays tribute to the Wildstorm universe while also building on its new landscape. Its brilliant sense of humor certainly doesn’t hurt.

  • 70

    Geek Dad

    This book continues to be a jumble of plotlines, some more interesting than the other. Grifter’s multiversal adventures, where he meets a very different version of Zealot with a reason for going rogue, is intriguing, although it falls into that problem where alternate versions of characters are highly disposable because we’ll likely never see them again. Meanwhile, on the main world, it feels like a lot of skullduggery as Voodoo enters the fray and the remaining team members jockey for control. This title has always been an odd mix of superhero action and Gotham cloak-and-dagger plots, and the reveal of the big villain this issue furthers that in a big way. There are some interesting threads here, but the problem is… the WildCATS just aren’t very interesting characters and don’t make great anchors for a book. Rosenberg isn’t telling a bad story here, but he’s struggling to create any connection with the main characters.

  • 60

    But Why Tho?

    Needless to say, WildC.A.T.S #8 was an interesting take on the C.A.T.S and, by its conclusion, offers more strange actions by our guy. While the Multiverse angle is sadly getting stale already, issue #8 does roll the plot ahead in other ways I enjoyed. This book is fun even when it’s grim, wild, artful, and surprising. Keep picking it up for all these reasons. Because once they get their act together, and finally become the WildC.A.T.S, the you-know-what will hit the fan.

  • 60

    Rosenberg, Kim, and Bandini once again return to the WildC.A.T.s in an issue that highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the run so far. The series almost feels like it would have benefited from being strictly a comic focusing on the team’s resident wisecracker, Grifter. While the masked gunman’s exploits in an alternate reality is one that is compelling, introducing alternate versions of heroes and villains, the main world simply isn’t as interesting in trying to coral the numerous members of the team under one roof. There’s a lot to like when it comes to this new series focusing on one of Wildstorm’s biggest teams, but there are also just as many chinks in the armor when it comes to Grifter and company.

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