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What's The Furthest Place From Here? #11

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Oberon’s fate revealed!

After almost being killed at The Carnival, Oberon’s situation goes from bad to worse.

Now he must face the most dangerous family there is.

But will the children turned animals known only as ‘The Wild” take pity on our lost boy?

What he will have to do to survive may change everything we know!

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32 pages
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    reunion multiple issues in the making finally takes place. Oberon’s journey is an interesting one, as he goes from losing a family, making a new family, and then losing the new family all in the span of one issue. He’s always wanted to be accepted, but even some of the things the forest family has to do to survive is too much for him at times. We can estimate how much time has passed since Sid looks physically different than the last time we saw her, and she comes with a new companion in tow.

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