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What If…? Venom #3 (of 5)

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THE SYMBIOTE SUPREME! NONE ARE SAFE from the Venom symbiote’s permeation of every corner of yesteryear and the present alike with its inky, black tendrils…not even DOCTOR STRANGE, THE SORCERER SUPREME! BY THE CRYING CREATURES OF KLYNTAR, THIS IS ONE YOU CAN’T MISS!

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    There’s not much to say about What If…? Venom #3. Unlike the previous issues with She-Hulk and Wolverine (and most stories regarding a symbiote, now that I think about it), Venom’s attempts at trying to control Dr. Strange are completely rebuked. There’s no inner turmoil, Stephen’s “Venomized” version is gone almost as quickly as it arrives and the book doesn’t try to do much exploring into what a symbiote version of Strange’s magic would look like beyond giving his cape an upgrade. But just like the other issues, it’s more concerned with sprinting towards a big crossover finale with Moon Knight than it is exploring any of these combinations. And for that I remain slightly disappointed.

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