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What If...? Dark: Venom #1

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When BEN GRIMM returns to Earth after his exploration of space post-SECRET WARS, he finds that the FANTASTIC FOUR has trapped a helpless Klyntar symbiote in Reed’s lab!

But is that symbiote really helpless?

Or is it truly one of the most dangerous symbiotes in the galaxy?

Witness the birth of a brand-new VENOM!

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Kindle Edition
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33 pages
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5 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Un Cómic Más

    Interesting version of the birth of Venom.

    Art is incredibly detailed with almost hyper-real footage.

  • 96

    Spider Man Crawlspace

    With this special one-shot, we realize that in any universe or reality, the wicked symbiote simply has so many options to pick from, when it comes to selecting its next host. And that just highlights the realism of these titles, exposing the human race and its very human flaws. Even in a world filled with superheroes, there will always be tragic characters with tragic flaws. But life is never completely hopeless, as we see a new Venom, ready to rid society of any malevolent threats. And if anything, though, this is a solid Fantastic Four story, as well, and with all the rumors about the casting for the future Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, this may be a good introduction to newer readers.

  • 90

    First Comics News

    Marvel LOVES going to the whole “Someone gets corrupted by the Venom symbiote” bit which something makes for a great story but it feels overused, especially with Spider-Man thrown in the mix, but for this “What If…?” special, Spidey takes a back seat as the focus shifts to Ben Grimm and what would have happened if the symbiote took control of him! Taking place in a time when Ben returned from Battleworld and Reed Richards successfully got the symbiote off Peter Parker, this feels like a premise that no one can get behind, but when the Lizard gets his hands on the symbiote that’s when the “Dark” tile comes alive because this plot element alone would have been more entertaining but Stephanie Phillips does her best to make Ben feel more sympathetic in the handling of the symbiote and it’s only when we get to the last few pages is when the book gets exciting (**NO SPOILERS**); Is this a pleasant read? Yes! but could have had more substance to it since this is a “What If…?”, I guess there’s always next time…..oh well!

  • 84

    Comic Watch

    While it only has 36 pages to explore its ideas, there is something engaging about the ideas on display in What If…? Dark: Venom #1, even if they are mired in an over the top edginess that fails to deliver on the poignancy of themes that could have otherwise been really strong.

  • 60

    Let’s get this out of the way – at this point, the overexposure of symbiotes within Marvel Comics has reached obscene levels. You’d be hard-pressed to find characters that haven’t worn at least one Symbiote over the years (the list is long even when you just stick to Venom & Carnage) and What If…? Dark: Venom is just the latest excuse to slap Venom onto somebody else. This time it’s The Thing, joining forces with the symbiote just after Mr. Fantastic got it off Peter Parker following the original Secret Wars. The problem is that the book isn’t nearly as interested in a Venomized Ben Grimm as it is in The Lizard getting his hands on the symbiote. It’s only at that point that the book actually fits with its “Dark” title and Dr. Connors’ rantings prove that getting the symbiote would actually fit in nicely with his whole “good intentions turned evil through abusing science” schtick. I’d say the book is actually going somewhere with Ben as Venom in the final panels, but this is just a one-off so it doesn’t really matter. It’s yet another skippable installment in this new What If…? line.

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