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What If...? Dark: Carnage #1

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Overwhelming dislike

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WHAT IF… CORTLAND KASADY BECAME CARNAGE? CLETUS KASADY, the mad man who bonded to CARNAGE, wasn’t the only family member to have a connection with symbiotes.

CORTLAND KASADY, his long-dead ancestor, rests beneath the RAVENCROFT INSTITUTE FOR THE CRIMINALLY INSANE! What would happen if the symbiote reanimated the corpse of Cortland Kasady? Is the world big enough for TWO KASADY CARNAGES?!

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Kindle Edition
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33 pages
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    What if…? Dark: Carnage #1 is really more of a “but why, though?” This issue has a lot going on in it and unfortunately while the idea of “what if Cortland Kasady became Carnage” is interesting, this book doesn’t exactly explore that nor does it even make any sense while trying to not explore that. There’s just page after page of weird trip into the bowels of Ravencroft that seems more like a bad acid trip, some bumbling staff, a lot of not great art, and a whole lot of hard to follow story and hard to read lettering. Even reading the issue three times I’m still not sure I could tell you what was going on other than something that feels like the comic equivalent of throwing every random idea at the wall and letting it all just slide down and calling that the story. It’s just very weird.

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