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Weird Work #2 (of 4)

With things heating up, Ovra and Donut find themselves in increasingly dangerous and strange situations as forces from all sides converge to stop them uncovering the truth of the dockside triple homicide.

Bullets fly, new suspects appear, and Ovra goes on one wild trip. It’s weird work—but somebody’s gotta do it.

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40 pages
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    Even the title doesn’t really do this book justice. It’s beyond strange, perhaps too strange to fully enjoy. It feels everything Weird Work simply exists to set up moments of pure shock value, and there’s a story that loosely connects those moments. It will work for some, I’m sure, but the audience for this series is very niche. No matter your thoughts on the subject matter, though, it’s hard to argue that the actual art isn’t magnificent. You just can’t help but wish it was put to better use.

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