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Wasp #4 (of 4)

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Just when it seems like Janet and Nadia Van Dyne might lose a mental and physical battle against the Creature from Kosmos, an unlikely ally returns to remind them where real strength comes from. With enemies old and new aligned against them, Janet and Nadia must tap into the best parts of themselves to win — and to define the true legacy of the Wasp.

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    Wasp has been an enjoyable read throughout its previous three issues, and this fourth and final one is no different. Wasp #4 has strong character moments mixed with engaging action sequences, and it perfectly wraps up what is now essential reading for any fan, or someone looking to become a fan, of the Wasp.

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    This mini-series is the whole package, and this final issue wraps it up nicely with a bow. Our heroes and their allies reach deep down into themselves to overcome the villain’s fake world. Then once they’re back in their regular bodies, they use their smarts, their skills, their powers and their awesomeness to come up with a way to finish off the monstrous villain at long last. It’s great stuff. And it ties in all the important bits of Wasp lore. We get a final showdown between Nadia and Fantasma, so she gets to face off specifically against the foe from her series. They use science, and Pym Particles in particular, to finish off the bad guy. I loved all of that, acknowledging the role Hank Pym had in their lives, while standing on their own without him.

    These Ant-Man and Wasp mini-series were a fun idea and they were executed flawlessly. Clearly a lot of thought and heart went into coming up with a 4-issue Wasp story that not only touched upon the current characters using that name, but also their history, their supporting cast and what makes them special. Couple all of that with fantastic character writing and some wonderful, detailed comic book art and you’ve got an excellent little comic on your hands. Great work by the whole creative team.

    The end of the comic promises that Wasp will return, and I look forward to that.

    Everything wraps up very nicely, tying off the story after only four issues. The characters are treated well, they all get moments to shine and there really is a strong focus on all things Wasp.

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    Comic Book Revolution

    Al Ewing, Kasia Nie, and Carola Borelli deliver a satisfying conclusion with Wasp #4. We get a lot of solid character work for both Janet and Nadia Van Dyne that makes them stronger characters coming out of this story. The ending tease doesn’t work as well as intended but it does not ruin the overall experience of this Wasp mini-series.

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    Once the Wasps resolve the false reality conundrum that colorfully displayed their characters before leading them into conflict, Wasp quickly loses momentum. Much of the issue is set pitting the two against an amorphous green blob which is no more impressive filling splashes than when it appeared in Wasp #1. The pseudo-science used to defeat the creature is thoroughly addressed, but it’s not particularly compelling. That same logic applies to the many emotional beats in which dialogue is used to express exactly what readers should understand about each individual and their mutual relationships. Although the action is always clear, there is a lack of new visuals and sequences often fail to provide much impact or movement within the individual panels. It’s a blunt approach to an ending that doesn’t lose the charm of Wasp, but makes for the least impressive installment of the miniseries.

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