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Wasp #3 (of 4)

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Captured by an alliance of their oldest enemies, Janet and Nadia Van Dyne find themselves trapped in a past where a key part of their history – Henry Pym, the Ant-Man – never existed at all. As strange new lives play out around them, they must find their way back to the Wasp…or cease to exist entirely.

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  • 90

    Wasp #3 opens its own twist on the typical adventure playing out with two generations of Wasp teamed up to battle an old foe with new iterations of the character revealed in a clever layering of plots (that still includes Jarvis as a hero-worshiping third wheel). It’s engaging to watch how the issue’s use of alternate-self tropes and villains ultimately plays against reader expectations while laying the groundwork for a surprising climax. That all of this is grounded in clear character commentary and an evaluation of both Wasps’ respective history and origin is very impressive. And every iteration is clearly defined with wonderful costuming that even winks at the reader before it literally winks at the reader. Wasp has been another wonderful anniversary celebration from writer Al Ewing for the tiniest Avengers, and artist Kasia Nie alongside colorist KJ Diaz have made it every bit as visually remarkable.

  • 90


    Wasp #3 by Al Ewing, Kasia Nie, and KJ Diaz is another near-perfect installment in Janet Van Dyne’s premiere solo comic series, giving us some much-needed payoff after the first two issues provided the setup. The fresh perspective on Janet Van Dyne is something I very much appreciate, and I know fans of her character will as well. While there are threads that need to be tied up, and there is only one issue left, I am sure this team will deliver a satisfying conclusion to the story.

  • 86

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: An entertaining story with some interesting character development for both Janet and Nadia. The plot takes some interesting narrative twists with the Creature from Kosmos and his actions do a great job of enforcing the resilience of the characters. There are some moments that drag a little, but I really enjoyed how the diverging stories come together in the end.

    The Art: Nie delivers some great visuals in the story. There isn’t as much action as the previous issues, but I enjoyed the visual style of the issue and how the environments work in context with the story.

  • 83

    Comic Watch

    All in all, WASP #3 offers an interesting insight into what a modern day Wasp should be viewed as, tying up some loose story lines just before the final chapter begins. It’s a perfectly safe series for Wasp fans, and if you aren’t onboard yet you definitely should be now.

  • 80

    Comic Book Revolution

    Wasp #3 gives much needed backstory for the villain of the story and how Janet and Nadia Van Dyne factor into things. In the process Al Ewing and Kasia Nie do a excellent job at showcasing how strong Janet and Nadia are. The way Wasp #3 ends it sets up the finale to this series to be one that further strengthens Janet and Nadia’s characters for the future.

  • 80

    Major Spoilers

    In short, Wasp #3 is a success, delivering the best issue of the series so far by focusing on our titular heroes’ strengths, giving Jarvis an important role, and letting Kasia Nie really go nuts on the facial expressions and detail. There’s clearly a lot to conclude in the next and final issue, but I’m certain that this creative team can pull it off, and I look forward to reading it. (…) Imagining a world without Henry Pym goes very differently than expected, but neither Wasp realizes… until it’s too late. Well-done.

  • 80


    This is just a fun alternate reality sort of issue. It expands the awesomeness of both characters, establishes more of the power and danger of the villains, and just has some fun imagining a world and lives of our main characters if they weren’t “held down” by the elephant in the room that is Hank Pym in both of their lives. Does the Wasp have a character beyond being Hank Pym’s wife? I think that’s a great concept to explore in this comic, and this issue does it well, while also advancing the story as our heroes unknowingly thwart the villain’s plan. He thought he was putting them up against their greatest fear, and they kicked that fear’s butt!

    The art remains really strong on this series. It’s clean and full of life and energy. Nie also draws a great Kosmos! That thing is otherwordly and so evil looking, so vile looking. That really helps sell the danger and the threat. And the character writing also remains on point. Makes me want more Wasp comics, or for Janet or Nadia to be a regular in an ongoing team book. When was the last time The Wasp for a member of the Avengers? Someone should fix that asap!

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