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Waller Vs. Wildstorm #4 (of 4)

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Jackson King has done his part, and Lois Lane has all the information she needs to take down Amanda Waller… but is she already too late?

As it turns out, Waller has powerful allies in very high places-like the orbiting satellite platform Skywatch-and they’ll be the final Authority on her fate!

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    Waller vs. Wildstorm has been a unique corner of superhero comics this year and has been a pleasure to review. Comics newcomer Spencer Ackerman is welcome back any time.

  • 85

    Geek Dad

    This book comes out quarterly, so it’s been a pretty big gap since the last installment and the creative team sort of works that into the story. Much of this issue is recapped in news articles and takes us away from the action as Amanda Waller and Adeline Kane split the credit—and the blame—for their disastrous operation in Gamorra. And with the government breathing down their neck, they’re brought to a secret mission chaired by some of the most infamous heroes and villains of the Wildstorm Universe as the future of Checkmate is determined. In the end, this sort of feels like the majority of characters in this book were horrible people, so watching them get what they deserve in subtle ways is interesting. Ultimately, I don’t think the Wildstorm characters were as compelling as the writers wanted them to be, but Waller is always a fascinating lead, and after watching her story unfold here, it’s very easy to see how she turned into the manipulative master she is today.

  • 70

    Dark Knight News

    Waller vs Wildstorm #4 gives us a solid end to the collection. While this comic run didn’t exactly hit the ball out of the park, it certainly batted above average. This is a nice read if you’re just looking for something to delve into a tale that’s a little different from the usual mainline comics.

  • 60

    There’s plenty to be admired in the final installment of Waller vs. Wildstorm as it takes both itself and the world it intends to reflect seriously. Following the climactic events of issue #3, this installment is entirely focused on the fallout as it covers a series of high-level meetings adjudicating where credit and blame lie. Readers familiar with the U.S. intelligence state will recognize the ambitions, perspectives, and carnage bound up in these fictional nations and powers as reflecting reality. Yet beyond that verisimilitude in which the most effective amoral actors rise to implement more cruelty, there’s not much in the way of effective comic book production present. Across 32 pages there’s hardly a single page not focused on talking heads; even when characters are literally lifted into space, the emphasis is placed on discussing shifting power dynamics. It’s a concept well suited to the prose provided by Lois Lane’s report, but resulting in a comic book that’s often dull and lacking any visual invention to display these ideas. Understanding and ideas about the geopolitical perspective contained in Waller vs. Wildstorm fail to reflect a similar appreciation for the medium it utilizes and causes this ambitious miniseries to ultimately come up short.

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