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Wakanda #3 (of 5)

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The spotlight on great characters who have defined Wakanda continues, taking us back in time into the heart of Killmonger. A haunting story that explores his earliest days under the thumb of Ulysses Klaw, and the early foundations of the man who will one day bear a scar for each of his kills…

Plus, the third chapter of Evan Narcisse and Natacha Bustos’ History of the Black Panthers, focusing on the mysterious Nehanda as she bands together with the Medieval Avengers!

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    ‘Wakanda’ turns the focus to Killmonger as the foe to T’Challa gets some more backstory spelled out to reveal a formative moment within the young man’s life. An intriguing story that deepens the character while staying true to what is known about him, wrapped up within a visually appealing package alongside more of the great historical backup stories.

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    Killmonger might not have factored into many Black Panther stories of the past couple of years, but Michael B. Jordan’s portrayal in the live-action movie has turned him into a popular character. A story in Wakanda #3 goes back to Killmonger’s early days as a mercenary-for-hire working for Ulysses Klaw. There’s lots of betrayal to be found in this story, with some of the art hard to follow in certain pages once the action picks up. However, Wakanda #3 does get the point across that Killmonger cannot be trusted.

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