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Void Rivals #2

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Generally favorable ratings

Based on 9 critic ratings.

ROBERT KIRKMAN & LORENZO DE FELICI’s new shared universe continues here!

After the jaw-dropping reveal in the debut issue, everything Darak and Solila thought they knew about the Sacred Ring’s never-ending war has changed.

To deliver the truth back home, they must first get off this deadly planet—by any means necessary.

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25 pages
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9 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Comic Crusaders

    This story on the outside is very exciting seeing the new universe being created by Robert Kirkman and team for the Transformers. Yet in a deeper way we see two waring races of aliens trapped on a rock together having a long history of destroying one another, yet when left alone on a rock with little hope, they come together to find solutions. One of the most powerful portions of the first two issues is when both Darak and Solila taking off their helmets which is against all rules for both races only to find out they are more alike then different. This raises even more questions about those in power creating such a rule in the first place. Do those in power know these similarities and fear each race finding out might stop such a war?

    Maybe I am reading into this too much but I feel this is an added portion of the story that is intriguing. If you are not reading Void Rivals now is the time to jump in.

  • 90

    Comic Book Revolution

    Void Rivals #2 is an excellent follow-up to everything established in the first issue. Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo De Felici create even greater investment in the journey Darak and Solila have found themselves on in the new Energon Universe. It all comes together for a can’t miss reading experience.

  • 90

    Comical Opinions

    VOID RIVALS #2 continues the authentic “human” story about two survivors from separate races coming together to survive. The plot progression is light, but Kirkman more than makes up for it with amazing character development, an interesting backstory, and an intriguing cliffhanger.

  • 85

    Nerd Initiative

    Kirkman, De Felici and the team usher in another solid issue expanding on the Energon groundwork. Outstanding writing bridges with exceptional art giving readers a new favorite story to jump on board with. Don’t leave the comic shops with picking up this issue.

  • 80


    “Void Rivals” continues on its path of telling a compelling, original story about two unlikely partners trapped together in the middle of a war-torn universe.

  • 80


    This is another solid, second issue that expands the world a bit more, while exploring our characters and the people around them. It puts in the work. Darak’s vision doesn’t turn out to be anything all that revolutionary, just the basic idea that their two peoples will need to work together. That’s a given. But the deeper look into his life, his family and his duty are neat. I have no doubt that Kirkman is being very picky about what he reveals about our characters and when, and it works nicely. No complaints there.

    The interplay between Darak and Solila remains the highlight of the series so far. They’re pretty simple characters, but simple doesn’t mean bad. They’re simple, easy to understand, and their conflict rings true for the characters. It’s good stuff, and fun to read through as they embark on this very interesting adventure. The arrival of the Skuxxoid in the end is a pretty deep cut, but I suppose if you’re going to remake the Transformers comic from the ground up, you’d want to look over their entire history and find some really juicy bits to use here and there. So I’m eager to see where this goes. I’m eager to see where the whole series goes, because it’s still off to a strong start.

  • 80


    Void Rivals is a solid follow-up to an exciting first issue. While it might have lost some of the plot momentum, the issue makes clear exactly who this story is about. Void Rivals #2 expands on its all-new world and story, combining it with larger-than-life robots and surprise appearances, creating a worthy follow-up to an exciting opening chapter.

  • 70

    The Comic Book Spot

    Void Rivals #2 provides a decent back story while the main story continues to move forward as well. It will be interesting to see if Kirkman provides more back stories of the characters. While some might consider this slow, this is great universe building.

  • 60


    ‘Void Rivals’s #2 offers up a potted backstory for the two alien races at war with one another, but its nothing new with the rest of the issue plodding along at a slow pace. An issue whose function it seems to be to get the series up and running and heading towards more satisfying and exciting adventures, I hope.

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