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Venom: Separation Anxiety #1 (of 5)

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The Amazing Spider-Man legend and Venom co-creator David Michelinie triumphantly returns to tell another all-new, heart-pounding, brain-eating tale set in Eddie Brock‘s earliest days!

This time, he’s teaming up with Venom and Death of the Venomverse artist extraordinaire Gerardo Sandoval!

Venom has made a new enemy. And their bond will be tested like never before when a foe with the power to alter reality itself threatens to tear Eddie‘s world apart, starting with his symbiote!

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    First Comics News

    It’s always a pleasure when David Michelinie returns to tell another untold tale of Venom that makes it another great throwback story but this time around everyone’s favorite Lethal Protector is heading for a showdown with The Purple Man that could be looked at as boring but Michelinie once again works his magic with his writing as he sets up plenty of action as well as a plot twist towards the end that no one will see coming (**NO SPOILERS**); Gerardo Sandoval is without a doubt one of the premier Venom artists of all time as his artwork is just another winning formula for this series and the 90s nostalgia is another reminder of how great Venom was during that era. This series was made for Venom fans who love Eddie Brock and that is nothing to sneer about.

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    Fans of classic Venom will get their fill of action, Eddie angst, and trippy Symbiote action in Venom: Separation Anxiety #1. There’s no denying this back-to-basics version is fun, bringing you back to your childhood when Venom was the enemy of all bullies with a big, toothy grin.

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    As to be expected, scribe David Michelinie has come up with a unique plot for a new Venom storyline which, like most of his recent output, feels like a throwback to a specific era of Marvel Comics down to the wordiness of it all (your mileage of course will vary for this 90s nostalgia). Artist Gerardo Sandoval, whose work is elevated with colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr, is the real selling point here as his work with the titular character is the kind of brain-eating material longtime fans pine for. He proved himself with Death of the Venomverse and Venom: Separation Anxiety continues to prove he was made for drawing the brute.

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