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Venom #24

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Doctor Doom is the most notorious and ambitious super villain in the Marvel Universe – but he’s got something Eddie Brock needs. WHAT COULD IT BE?! And what calamitous circumstance will befall both Doom and Eddie? The ambitious and explosive symbiote saga from Al Ewing welcomes guest artist SERGIO DÁVILA! Together, these two creators are going to take Eddie Brock on an adventure that will have symbiote fans talking for YEARS to come!

PLUS: A bonus page written by Jonathan Hickman – WHO ARE THE G.O.D.S.?

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23 pages
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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 96

    Spider Man Crawlspace

    This truly is the year of Venom, because it just feels that most, if not all, Spider-Man stories are somehow heavily tied into the perilous journey of Eddie Brock. We are blessed to see the real People’s Main Event, as Doctor Doom and Eddie Brock clash, but this only builds the anticipation up even more for the looming threat of Carnage, just around the corner. I know it’s a lot of comic books to keep track of, but ultimately, it is worth it to monitor all the happenings when it comes to our symbiotic friends.

  • 90

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Venom #24 continues Eddie Brock’s side of things as he travels to Latveria of all places to see Doctor Doom himself. The story gives a good reason behind this encounter and sets things up for a new fun story arc for Eddie and Doom. And that’s the thing, this is a genuinely fun comic thanks to Al Ewing’s pacing and solid characterization of Eddie, Bedlam, and Dr. Doom, which goes in hand with Sergio Dávila’s art to make this a dynamic comic book to read. Venom and Marvel fans will enjoy this comic book on its own and as part of this Venom run, and they will definitely want more by the end of the issue.

  • 80

    Al Ewing delivers one of the best issues of Venom in quite some time, showing a clear knack for writing Doctor Doom that feels entirely in character but also fresh. Penciler Sergio Dávila fills in for the issue, delivering some outstanding work. For an issue composed of only two major action beats, and mostly just snide comments from Doom toward Brock over a dinner, they really elevate the visuals of the entire thing and make it engaging even when it’s dialogue heavy. Inker Sean Parsons and colorist Frank D’Armata push it even further with their talents.

  • 78

    Comic Watch

    Through its lengthy action, Venom #24 does a stellar job of establishing how much Eddie Brock and Doctor Doom dislike each other, which is bound to leave readers excited to find out how the rest of their time-travel adventure will play out.

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