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Venom #21

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As Eddie Brock finds his footing in the Marvel Universe, he’s going to need to come face to face with the very worst parts of himself in the form the time-displaced monster called BEDLAM! Eddie’s always been his own most brutal critic, though, and this titanic beatdown will be no exception – and something NEW will be waiting on the other side! (


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  • 95


    This latest issue is honestly the platonic ideal of a fight comic. It’s balls to the wall, unapologetically bonkers action, but done in a way that allows for new expressions of Eddie’s powers and new explorations of these two characters’ personal arcs. Eddie faces down his worst self in more ways than one, and readers should be very pleased to see the results. I feel like I’m a broken record at this point, but Venom continues to push the envelope of what you expect from this series, and I absolutely love every bloody panel of it.

    Also, Eddie yells “KNOCK KNOCK” at one point. Listeners of the AIPT Comics Podcast may know that I have a real soft spot for a certain Symbiote-adjacent Eminem song, and I choose to believe that was an intentional and hilarious nod to said track. And even if it isn’t, it still stands as another bombastic and satisfying moment in one of the series’ wildest issues yet.

  • 80

    Appropriately titled “PAGES 2-19: THEY FIGHT,” Venom #21 is full of artistic glam but manages to weave big plot machinations in there too. Though writer Al Ewing does some interesting things within the larger narrative of the series, this is an issue about a fight, so it’s the spotlight. Artists Cafu and Pere Pérez are credited with pencils, colors by Frank D’Armata, do a lot with the freedom of a big symbiote fight, positioning two characters with wild, morphable bodies into unique elements that only Venom can manage. If there’s a slight to be found, it’s in some of the corny dialogue that Ewing places in their spat.

  • 80

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Venom #21 kicks off the bloody brawl between Eddie Brock and Bedlam as he seeks to settle the score with the crimson monster. One good thing about this comic is that it doesn’t waste any time getting straight to the fight as we see Eddie face Bedlam in the physical and mental realms. The fight is well illustrated thanks to Cafu’s art, it’s violent, bloody, and creative, and the writing and dialogue is on point with the fight banter between Eddie and Bedlam and the background characters too. Overall, a good issue and hopefully the next issue keeps it up.

  • 78

    Comic Watch

    Venom #21 is an action-packed issue that leans into elements of body horror and dark humor to display the full capabilities of Eddie Brock’s newfound abilities.

  • 70

    You Don't Read Comics

    It’s not like this sort of thing hasn’t been tried before. And sometimes dramatic departures from traditional conventions of the plot structure of a comic book work really, really well. In the context of the larger run of this particular series, Venom #21 might not actually be nearly as clever as it seems to think it is. However, it’s just really fun to see something like this attempted.

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