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Venom #20

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Eddie Brock has fought and fought and fought some more to get back to the Marvel Universe and fight by his son’s side. IN THIS ISSUE – HE SUCCEEDS! And the charred skeletal remains of Eddie’s physical body are REANIMATED by the King in Black incarnate! Wielding the very marrow in his broken bones, Eddie makes his presence in the present known in explosive fashion! Not that you’d expect anything less!

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  • 80

    Multiversity Comics

    “Venom” #20 does a great job moving Eddie Brock from point A to point B while staying extremely entertaining throughout the issue. Ewing’s elements of horror and science fiction help take “Venom” into new directions. Cafu’s clean line keeps the talking head sequences from feeling boring in “Venom” #20.

    “Venom” #20 is an endearing comic book that moves Eddie Brock into the next status quo with intrigue.

  • 80

    After months of unnecessary tie-in issues, Al Ewing’s Venom finally gets back to the good stuff. The series has always dabbled in galaxy-brained sci-fi ideas but this month’s issue shows that it can do that and have a good time. Artist Cafu brings a playful sense to the visual storytelling in the issue, channeling the things we know about Venom as a comic book character into a unique way given the symbiote twist happening inside. There’s also a fluidity across action and motion in the panels that has to be respected, because not everyone is able to make it look that easy even at the Big Two.

  • 80

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Venom #20 picks up Eddie Brock’s side of the story as he returns back to the land of the living in the present day. Of course, he’s not the same as he once was with a new level of control of his symbiote powers making him like the Terminator, as one side character puts it. And that’s a good thing for this issue. The dialogue is good, the story is well-paced, and the art from Cafu is impeccable as everything feels like a straightforward action issue for Venom. Looking forward to the big brawl teased at the end in the next issue.

  • 78

    Comic Watch

    Venom #20 grants Eddie Brock a powerful new form and sends him off on a quest to face his demons and save his son, making it an extremely engaging issue.

  • 75


    At this point, this series has essentially redefined Eddie’s history/destiny and overhauled his power-set multiple times. It seems like every other issue forces the reader to rethink what came before as the creative team rewrites the rule book. And somehow, it never feels like a cheap trick, or like the team doesn’t know where this is going. It’s clearer than ever that Al Ewing is playing the long game with Venom, and readers are absolutely spoiled to be getting a run that keeps topping itself like this.

    Hopefully the next few issues will continue to flesh out Eddie’s new state of being and what exactly it means for the future we’ve glimpsed in previous issues. I am a bit concerned that he may have just leveled up to a point where he’s an unstoppable machine, and while that can be fun in its own way, it hopefully won’t remove tension from future battles. But even if it does, it’s hard to complain when Eddie’s journey continues to be so damn wild.

    I mean, what other comic book on the stands features its lead character rocking a t-shirt saying “Himbo Frankenstein?” It rules.

  • 70

    First Comics News

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