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Venom #14

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Madeylne Pryor has plans for Eddie Brock and the symbiotes he can control – in this issue, she and her new ally CHASM bring them all to bear!

Secrets Revealed!

Unwittingly turned into a slathering and terrifying monster you might recognize, Eddie Brock’s fears from the last year and Al, Ram and Bryan’s entire saga stand fully realized in this turning point for the series!

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    But Why Tho?

    Venom #14 is a fun addition to Dark Web, with so much to enjoy. This a plot with a lot going on, combining hidden agenda and manipulation with an awesome battle between two characters who are rarely in the same circle. Dark Web brings figures together with loose connections and makes them work brilliantly. But at the same time, the progress of the Venom mythos is still growing. Even though Eddie has regressed into his old self, it’s a terrific statement on how far the symbiote and the host have come over the years.

  • 82

    Comic Watch

    Venom #14 drafts Eddie Brock into the conflict of Dark Web, making for a light read with few contributions the the book’s main narrative. However, it does deliver on an entertaining confrontation between Venom and X-Men powerhouse Synch, which makes up for most of its shortcomings.

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    First Comics News

  • 60

    Readers that have come to expect a certain level of unique, hard-edged science fiction from AL Ewing and Ram V will find themselves lost with the latest issue, a tie-in to the “Dark Web” crossover that is mostly nonsense. There are moments of note, specifically the actual scenes with Venom and Eddie, which lean hard into the ongoing plot threads, but for the most part it’s confusing and dull. Artist Bryan Hitch manages to keep it interesting visually however, even if it’s hard to parse what the heck is actually happening at times.

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