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Venom #12

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Venomworld Continues!

After the shocking events of Venom #11, not only is Dylan Brock’s physical body in such grave condition that it may never recover, but his codex is as well.

After a Hail Mary decision made by the Venom symbiote last issue, Dylan is about to see sides of symbiosis, the Klyntar and perhaps even his father that he has never even imagined!

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6 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Spider Man Crawlspace

    It has already been a whole year’s worth of storytelling for this new series or volume of Venom. We are finally getting to see Dylan shine in his new role as the central character. Also, towards the end of the issue, Dylan, along with the readers, begin to unravel the deeper and more mysterious background of his existence. True enough, he is more than just a son of Eddie, and is way more than just another Venom. The next few issues promise to be major bangers as we learn more about the existence of Dylan, and what it means for the rest of the Marvel Universe. On top of that, Eddie will also continue to learn about his place in all of reality, as the King in Black in all lifetimes. But, as always, at the very core of this book is the father and son dynamic between Eddie and Dylan. Time will tell if they will be able to save themselves from the external threats and dangers, as well as rescue each other from themselves. I am definitely looking forward to more Venom from this creative and editorial team in the near future.
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    Comic Watch

    It has always been a risky maneuver to split the narrative focus of a solo series between its titular character and another. Fans pick up comics like Venom for the main man himself, and the inclusion of other figures will likely be seen as an attempt to steal the spotlight. Dylan Brock is far from a new character in his father’s supporting cast, and with how much the emotional core of Venom has come to depend on this strained parent-child relationship, it only makes sense that his presence in the franchise would grow. Still, I’m sure that a number of more stubborn fans will require a strong case to be made in order to sell them on the young Brock as a leading man. Venom #12 and its preceding issue have presented that case well. This week’s issue builds upon the tension of #11 effectively, continuing the mindscape battle between Dylan and the memory of his father. Ram V has done wonders to expand what the Venom symbiote is capable of. Being able to separate the consciousness and physical body of its host, as well as store semi-sentient memories of former hosts, is an incredible ability that I’m sure future writers will be eager to play with. It doubles as a clever way to maintain Eddie Brock’s presence in this arc. Artists Bryan Hitch and Andrew Currie have designed the perfect metaphysical battleground to accompany the comic’s primary action sequence. The setting is cold and abstract, with its polygonal rocky structures and strange crystalline centerpiece offering enough visual flair to be appealing while not being distracting. The violence between Dylan and his fake father is brief yet heavy with feeling, and the somber expressions on both characters’ faces are well-conveyed. Dylan Brock has gone through a literal and metaphorical transformation by the end of the issue, creating a new symbiotic form that will definitely be familiar to the seasoned Venom fans. It’s a character design that feels as if it were summoned directly from the 90s, and although it may not sound like it, I actually mean that as a compliment. The comic’s epic ending splash page, as well as the arrival of Sleeper set up in the previous issue, brings on the expectation of a symbiote team-up and heavy action that is bound to impress fans. Venom #12 builds upon the dramatic tension of its preceding issue with great effectiveness, and serves as a captivating coming-of-age story for Dylan Brock.
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    This new run on Venom has now gone beyond its first ten issues, which is a good sign for its health as an ongoing comic but perhaps puts it in a place that makes it seem inaccessible for new readers. The beauty of Ram V's work as a writer though is that anyone with a base knowledge of Venom can pick this up and enjoy it. V and artist Bryan Hitch also continue to find new and exciting ways for his style of art to be best utilized, the visual palette that they've been assembling now works to help move the narrative along better than at any point before. The new Venom series is quickly becoming a must-read sci-fi epic.
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    Un Cómic Más

    This series is forever changing the status quo for Eddie and paves the way for Dylan's entry as his successor generation. Art Hitch is an artistic genius and lends a whimsical, psychedelic tone to this world where time doesn't exist.
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    First Comics News

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    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Venom #12 continues the journey with Dylan and the Venom symbiote in this new issue. The writing has a good balance of both emotional and physical conflicts for Dylan and his allies to deal with. The art by Bryan Hitch gets to shine with Dylan, the Venom symbiote, and Sleeper when he sees action. The ending will definitely surprise some fans, especially fans of Donny Cates' Venom run and leaves some interesting potential for what happens next in the series.

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