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Venom #11

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After the explosive (and GUT-WRENCHING) revelations of VENOM #10, the third terrifying arc of VENOM begins in explosive fashion, with DYLAN BROCK at the mercy of BEDLAM!

But where is Dylan‘s father, the original Venom?


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    At its core, Venom has always been a nondescript alien with ties to a larger hive, but not much more than that until Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman added new mythology to the Symbiote culture and history. Now it seems Ram V, Al Ewing, and Bryan Hitch are delving into Symbiote abilities when that Symbiote is either the one (or, in this case, the King in Black) or something new formed from something special. That’s interesting, as it allows the creators to bleed their ideas into different sci-fi concepts that are trippy, mind-bending, or both.

    Venom #11 continues to alter what we know about Symbiotes, especially modern characters like Sleeper and Dylan Brock. Venom is one of the best mind-bending sci-fi horror stories on the stands today.

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    Knowing full well that the best thing about Bryan Hitch’s artwork within this series is when he gets to draw Venom and other symbiotes in wild positions, writer Ram V has crafted one of the best single narratives in the arc that is suited exclusively to that. Hitch’s ability to overcrowd a panel isn’t a detriment but a feature for this series, plus Ram V gets to continue spreading the Venom story into wild and unique sci-fi arenas. It’s kind of a shame that this new run on the character hasn’t caught on to the same effect that Cates’ had, it’s far more inventive without pandering to expectations in any way.

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    Comic Watch

    Venom #11 sees things taking a more promising turn for Dylan, as help from unknown allies is sent on its way. Ram V draws a masterful parallel to the psychological themes Al Ewing has presented in his side of the comic, sending Dylan on his own journey of self-discovery within the mental plane. The issue ends with the promise of something shocking, alluding that there is more to the nature of Eddie Brock’s son than meets the eye. Only time will tell if the secret waiting to be revealed can surpass the impact of Venom #10’s revelations, but it is sure to lead the narrative in a fascinating new direction nonetheless.

    Venom #11 takes the narrative focus back to Earth, leaving readers in incredible suspense after the dramatic cliffhanger of the preceding issue, while also hinting at further twists and turns that will surely keep you anticipating the next installments of both subplots.

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    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Venom #11 starts a new chapter for Dylan Brock and the Venom symbiote that gets a little introspective. After the brutal fight and revelation from Bedlam, things aren’t looking so well for Dylan. But there’s still hope for him as the issue introduces a shift in the traditional dynamic between the symbiote and their host that can lead to cool things for the overall story in the next few issues.

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