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Vengeance Of The Moon Knight #4 (of 9)

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BRAWL IN THE FAMILY! As the fearsome HUNTER’S MOON, Yehya Badr is the brother to the fallen MOON KNIGHT, Marc Spector. But there’s an impostor loose in the city, wearing his brother’s face – and Badr intends to find out who they are, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!\

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    Comic Watch

    Revealing the identity of the false Moon Knight allows for Vengeance of the Moon Knight to shift gears with issue #4. MacKay’s scripting hits the high notes of the run, blending new and old seamlessly as the character continues to drive the story forward. Badr is given the focus in this issue, and in between weaving a story of stolen legacies, MacKay reinforces the tragedy of what should have been the perfect Fist of Khonshu. This is sharply contrasted with the breathtaking moments of stillness that Cappuccio drops towards the middle of the issue in a series of splash pages.

    In what feels like a very distinct, visually fascinating antithesis to the usual feeling of the book, explosive action is traded for lingering beats of peace before the return to action. Rosenberg’s coloring helps to create that sense of momentary peace, before returning to the foundational palettes of the series. The two work in tandem to deliver the most visually stunning issue to date. Vengeance of the Moon Knight #4 offers a bit of everything for fans of the series new and old. With bits of seeding, the book not only is spinning one of the best, longer-tracked settings of modern Marvel but also feels like an organic beat towards the next summer event, Blood Hunt.

  • 90

    The identity of the mysterious imposter Moon Knight has been revealed, though in typical Jed MacKay fashion, that’s only part of the journey for answers. Many questions remain, and especially in regards to how it relates to members of Marc’s team and their history. There’s also a level of welcome surprise that it’s not at all who you think, though perhaps the most impressive part of it all is that the reveal isn’t the show stealer. That award goes to the continuing deep dive into the mind of Hunter’s Moon and his ongoing grief of Marc, though it’s not really that simple either, which is part of why it all works. Alessandro Cappuccio and Rachelle Rosenberg are one of the best teams in comics for a reason, and though there aren’t as many fight sequences here to show that off, the shots of Tigra and Hunter’s Moon searching the city are so stunning that you quickly forget. Those last few pages also give the team a chance to flex, and they don’t disappoint. It will be intriguing to see where this goes, as that will be the true test, but as as a reveal and continue character study, Vengeance of the Moon Knight #4 is another home run.

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    Keeping to the same pattern as the previous issues, the comic is entertaining if a bit formulaic as this point (which is the negative of structuring every story in the same manner).

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    First Comics News

  • 68

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Vengeance Of The Moon Knight #4 delivers powerful art and finally gets to the bottom of the imposter Moon Knight’s identity. The technical execution of the writing is well done, but the time-wasting therapy gimmick has overstayed its welcome, and the imposter’s identity lands with a shrug.

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