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Vengeance Of The Moon Knight #2

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Khonshu VS. Khonshu! Fist of Khonshu fights Fist of Khonshu as the new Moon Knight brings the fight to the Midnight Mission and Hunter’s Moon – but what could drive brothers to battle? And with the Mission a battleground, what of those who seek aid?

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  • 100

    Vengeance of the Moon Knight set up a major confrontation in its debut, and the team of Jed MacKay, Alessandro Cappuccio, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Cory Petit certainly deliver on that promise in issue #2. That said, the issue doesn't quite play out the way you might expect, which in this instance is welcome, as it helps to not just retain but continue to build the intrigue in the series' central mystery. The question of is this Marc Spector is at the heart of this book, but MacKay is able to keep you off kilter and guessing a bit with a few of the issue's twists and turns along the way. The book's other major focus is on Tigra, who MacKay has continued to build as an individual while simultaneously exploring her relationships with others throughout her career, including Marc. Tigra's reflections on her past loves and how they interacted and relied on each other makes for some of the issue's best moments, though the stellar work of Cappuccio and Rosenberg cannot be overstated. This book is absolutely stunning, and the new Moon Knight design can't help but look amazing in the team's talented hands. The book leaves plenty of questions, but right now the ride itself is so thrilling that I really don't mind waiting a while longer for those answers.
  • 100

    Comic Watch

    Vengeance of the Moon Knight #2 is a stunning sophomore issue, extending the tone and structure of the debut to its natural continuation. MacKays script balances tone and plot to walk the fine line of engaging mystery while Cappuccios art illustrates the oscillating emotion and action of the issue. Layered with Rosenbergs subversive use of coloring to contrast the palette and the emotion, the issue digs deep into the tortured pain and brutal fighting at the core of Moon Knight (the character and title alike).
  • 85


    The story's structure is a big reason why Vengeance of the Moon Knight continues to be a fun read that's never boring. MacKay is exploring a specific character while letting the art team run rampant with great action. What more can you want in a character-focused superhero comic?
  • 80


    Vengeance of Moon Knight #1 filled in the emotional gap left for the group by Marc Spector’s death. Vengeance of Moon Knight #2 is centered around how his abscence has affected one character in particular. The Mission’s rejection of the Moon Knight, on top of his attitude towards Marc Spector’s friends, all but cements someone other than Marc is wearing the mask. I still have a theory born out of the end of the last series, but given the structure of the first two issues it might be quite some time before we get answers.
  • 78

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Vengeance Of The Moon Knight #2 delivers solid character work, strings along an interesting mystery concerning the new Moon Knight's identity, and presents visually amazing art. That said, readers may feel shortchanged with the lack of Moon Knight in favor of another Dr. Sterman therapy session.
  • 70

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