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Vanish #7

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The carnage continues as Oliver and the Prestige’s Armory face off. Will either survive? Will Halcyon pay for his horrific actions that are about to go down? What secret has Elyn kept from everyone? All will be revealed as the mystic war comes to a head!

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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Comic Watch

    All in all, Vanish #7 is just more. More plot, more great art, and more of the same great story that is building ever closer to its moment of climax.
  • 80

    It's been difficult to figure out who is really the villain in Vanish, though that feels by design, but the book has truly hit another level with each and every major revelation. Vanish #7 yet again defines this, revealing a major factor behind Oliver's degrading mental state, and several other moves from writer Donny Cates raise the supporting cast's importance and contribution to the series overall. Elyn and Dustin especially are the recipients of a major rise in prominence, and their conversation does wonders in allowing you to really bond with these characters and get a feeling for who they truly are. Meanwhile Ryan Stegman, V Ken Marion, Sonia Oback, and John J. Hill are out of their minds in this issue, going above and beyond to deliver heartfelt moments sandwiched between moments of tense creepiness and visceral brutality. The more the haze on how to root for lifts the more this series picks up steam, and issue #7 is easily one of the best issues yet.
  • 80


    Vanish is not for everybody, and it is happy being that way. It’s a comic that’s unapologetic in its tone and unafraid of being dark, bloody, and in-your-face. While the comic does not fit my particular taste, I can appreciate the creative direction Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman, and artist V. Ken Marion are going for. Vanish succeeds in giving you an adrenaline rush as you flip through its pages. For the ones who’ve stayed on for the ride, things are only going to get crazier from here.
  • 70

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About the Author: Donny Cates

Donny Cates (born September 14, 1984) is an American comic book writer, artist, and podcaster, known for his work on titles like Venom, Thanos, Doctor Strange and Thor.

Early life

Donny Cates was born in Dallas, Texas. Raised in Garland, Texas, Cates states that he was taught to read by his father using comic books. Cates graduated from Garland High School and attended the Savannah College of Art and Design, where he would meet future artistic collaborators Tradd Moore and Geoff Shaw. Cates majored in sequential art, but left the school after being accepted into a Marvel internship program. While interning, Cates stole a Diamond Distributors Gem Award awarded to Astonishing X-Men #1. At the advice of Marvel editor Mark Peniccia, Cates left the program after a year to pursue writing his own comics. After a chance meeting with a Dark Horse Comics staffer at C2E2, Cates was given the opportunity to write short stories for the company.


Cates’ first comic work was a short story in Dark Horse Presents vol. 2 #24, released in August 2013. Co-written by himself and Eliot Rahal, the title of this story was Hunter Quaid: Armageddon Outta Here. It was followed up three issues later with Hunter Quaid: The Only Things We Have to Fear… are Nazis and Creepy Monsters. Satisfied with these stories, Dark Horse gave Cates the green light for later projects like Buzzkill, The Ghost Fleet and The Paybacks. Between 2016 and 2017 Cates also wrote stories for IDW Publishing, including an entry in Star Trek: Waypoint and a one-shot, Star Trek: Deviations. Cates eventually began writing for Image Comics, where he released God Country. With this title he attracted the attention of editors at Marvel, who offered him a contract.

His first long-term Marvel works were runs on Doctor Strange and Thanos. After the success of these titles, Cates was given writing duties on Venom, where he was paired with artist and podcaster Ryan Stegman. This led to him penning multiple company-wide events, including Absolute Carnage and King in Black.

Personal life

Cates currently lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, comic artist Megan Hutchinson. The two host a comic review podcast, The Devil’s AdvoCATES Book Club.

[Latest Update: May 28, 2022]