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Vanish #6

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Halcyon, Armory, and Battle Rocket desperately try to keep the Prestige’s plans in motion as Oliver’s growing powers hold them at bay. Plus, the true story behind Baron Vanish starts coming together in another shocking chapter!

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    Comic Watch

    Vanish #6 is a paradigm-shifting issue for the series, fundamentally altering Ollie’s actions and mental struggles in a way that rips away depth, but adds to the character’s overall battle with indoctrination. It’s a subversion that is very difficult to judge without the context of future issues, talking about it even more cumbersome as it’s a massive spoiler.

    We open on Diabolus, ruminating about his fears regarding the return of Vanish. At the same time, Ollie races to the basement of his home, to find Elynor safe and sound with Battle Rocket in captivity. Prepared to take him out, she struggles to keep Oliver contained as their deepest relationship secrets shake the foundations of everything he once knew.

    This issue picks up with a new penciller, Netho Diaz. While he isn’t at the same level as series mainstay Ryan Stegman, Detho proves that, with time, he’ll eventually stand toe to toe with sequential art giants. His art revels in the atmosphere of Vanish, bringing out some of the series grimmest emotions. The coloring team is equally on point, the entire art team swirling together to bring about some moments of truly immersive expression. This is a series with peak sequential storytelling.

    The narrative here is rich enough to fill an entire issue and have it worth the price of admission, while remaining very lofty in ambition. The issue is dedicated to exploring the state of Ollie and Elynor’s relationship, sprinkling in a bit of Diabolus’ backstory for good measure. Thankfully, this isn’t just flashback heaven. The reveals and emotional stakes explored in this issue still move the plot along, even leaving room for reptilian cruelty that is as equal parts funny as it is edgy.

    Cates brings a level of rawness to the relationship drama in this issue. As Elynor struggles to hold onto her love as he slips farther into his darkest habits, your heart can’t help but shatter. There’s a level of realism and understanding in the darkest moments of Vanish that keep the book from being shoddy edginess for the sake of being cool. I could feel the anger, betrayal, love, and pain radiate off of every scene and panel. The marriage of art, story, and dialogue here is the quintessential magic of comic books. Now, the big reveal regarding Elynor makes up the meat and potatoes of this issue, and it has the potential to either raise the thematic storytelling and drama of this series to new highs, or go absolutely nowhere. Only time will tell.

    Vanish #6 is a fantastically well-done issue that is both important to the overall series, as well as pretty damn good in its own right. Everyone is bringing straight heat on this title, delivering one of the best marriages between superheros and dark fantasy ever seen.

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    Truth be told I’m rather conflicted about Vanish #6, but that conflict isn’t about the series really, but more about the characters, revelations, and story found within the issue. In that regard, this is easily the most compelling issue of the series yet. Writer Donny Cates played with readers perspective and emotions last time around, but things become far clearer in issue #6, and it’s turned my perception of the book upside down. You still can’t help but feel for Oliver’s internal struggles and how they’ve affected his life, but revelations here bring Elynnor and Halcyon’s perspectives into the light, and afterwards you can’t help but look at Oliver in a much different way. Oliver’s role in all of this has never been murkier, but I can also say that I’ve never been as immersed in finding that out since issue #1. The artwork of Ryan Stegman, Netho Diaz, JP Mayer, Jay Listen, Sonia Back, and John J. Hill is stellar throughout, and those heartbreaking reveals don’t hit nearly as hard without this team at the wheel. So much is done with expressions alone, but when the book wants shift gears, the character designs and action sequences pack plenty of punch. I have no idea at times who to root for, but I simply can’t turn away, and I need more answers ASAP.

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