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Vampirella vs. The Superpowers #5

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TIME FOR A TEAM-UP! The race is on for Vampirella and DynaMight to solve the mystery that will save the world. All that stands in their way is an army of superpowered mobsters — and some dirty heroes who would rather see evil triumph than let the Daughter of Drakulon emerge victorious!

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2 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Comical Opinions

    VAMPIRELLA VS. THE SUPERPOWERS #5 amps up the action, the pacing, and the urgency now that the team’s cover is blown. Abnett’s script crackles with energetic tension, and Qualano’s art heightens the drama, but the lack of progress on the main mystery suggests the finale may be rushed.

  • 30

    Vampirella vs. The Superpowers drags out the engagement between Vampirella and Projection 1948 in an issue that moves the story forward very little, doing so little that one wonders whether the miniseries should have been condensed to five (or fewer) issues. There are a couple of extended action sequences, both of which hit the same pitfalls as every other battle featured in this series. Ill-defined forms, plenty of dialogue, and an unclear set of causal connections allow for individually flashy panels but no sequence that ever rises to the bar of thrilling. It’s a dull set of fights before the conspiracy evident since issue #2 is revealed and the story is wrapped up.

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