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Vampirella/Dracula: Rage #3 (of 5)

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When a big-box retailer announces that it’s abandoning a small-town location after driving all of the local stores out of business, residents stage a demonstration against the callous destruction of their region’s economy.

But their lock-in protest takes a dark turn when the townsfolk realize they’ve trapped themselves inside the warehouse-sized store with an angry vampire who has come to avenge the murder of her child.

Can Dracula and Victory stop Vampirella from becoming like the monsters she is hunting?

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28 pages
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    VAMPIRELLA/DRACULA: RAGE #3 delivers a gritty, desperate revenge tale wherein Vampirella hunts down everyone responsible for her baby’s death. Christopher Priest’s plot is uncharacteristically clear, and Rosado’s grim art brims with drama and suspense.

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