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Uncanny Avengers #5 (of 5)

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7 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 95

    Nerd Initiative

    At the end of the day, Uncanny Avengers is a great read that I wish was an ongoing story. This creative team did a great job of delving into a diverse group of heroes and I would love to see more from this team and the Avengers Unity Squad in the near future!

  • 90


    All in all, Uncanny Avengers is a great adventure with emotional moments you’ll adore. It leads to the creation of a new villain while giving Deadpool plenty of time to chew up the scenes. Sometimes literally!

  • 78

    Comic Watch

    The story was pretty formulaic, the surprise ending wasnt really a surprise, the cast didnt gel, and there were members here whose roles were quite forgettable. I still want to see the concept explored in the new era that the merry mutants are about to endeavor. It just needs the right cast, and creators, and it could be a big hit for both franchises.

  • 70

    Major Spoilers

    Uncanny Avengers #5 has some unique ideas; while I disagree with them, they tell a good story. I am hyped to see the end of the Fall of X event coming in the New Year.

  • 60


    A whole messy affair is quickly and haphazardly wrapped up as ‘Uncanny Avengers’ #5 doesn’t stick the landing for a series that was uneven at best. Plenty of potential that was left untouched on the table, leaving us with something that added very little to the overall line or current events.

  • 60

    What starts with a bang surely ends with a whimper, as Uncanny Avengers comes to a close in a way that isn’t entirely satisfying on the whole. Gerry Duggan’s latest volume of the series was set to be a big response to the Hellfire Gala massacre, but in the end seems like more of a stepping stone to the next big event than a satisfying baton pass from that narrative. Series artist Javier Garrón does great work with this issue though, delivering one of the most creative moments of the series with masterful visuals (elevated by color artist Morry Hollowell in a major action beat). In the end this Uncanny Avengers series feels like more of a footnote, moving pieces on the board to where they need to be next, and not something that effectively wrestled with the story that set it up to begin with.

  • 50

    Derby Comics

    These Fall of X miniseries really failed to deliver, huh? Another series with what felt like unlimited potential closes with a giant “meh” as it fails to add any major momentum to Krakoa’s final days. Captain America loves being part of a team? Cool. We knew that with the Avengers. Outside of Deadpool (who eats up A LOT of scenes), it never felt like Duggan was interested in writing for any of the mutant characters as more than supporting pieces. And that’s a damn shame because this had one of the more intriguing casts of this era. I also could never get used to Javier Garrón’s art on this series. There were some scenes were it played will, particularly this issue’s major battle, but more often than note it just never felt right for this story.

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About the Author: Gerry Duggan

Gerry Duggan‘s extensive career in the comic book industry is marked by a unique blend of humor, action, and heartfelt storytelling. With a diverse portfolio that includes some of the most beloved characters and teams in the Marvel Universe, Duggan has established himself as a dynamic storyteller capable of navigating the complex worlds of antiheroes, cosmic adventurers, and, notably, mutants.

Duggan’s significant contributions to Marvel’s mutant narratives stand out as a key aspect of his career. His work with the X-Men and their extended universe, particularly through the series “Marauders,” has been pivotal in exploring new dimensions of the mutant experience. In “Marauders,” Duggan brings a fresh perspective to the mutant saga, focusing on themes of freedom, identity, and societal acceptance. This series not only highlights Duggan’s skill in balancing ensemble casts and intricate plotlines but also underscores his ability to inject new life into established mythos, making the stories accessible and engaging for a broad audience.

Before venturing into the world of mutants, Gerry Duggan made a name for himself with his work on “Deadpool,” where he masterfully balanced the character’s trademark humor with unexpected depth and vulnerability. This approach revitalized Deadpool’s character for a new generation of readers and demonstrated Duggan’s versatility as a writer.

Beyond the realm of humor and the intricacies of mutant politics, Duggan has showcased his range through various genres and characters. His contributions to “Hawkeye” and “Guardians of the Galaxy” highlight his adeptness at both ground-level storytelling and cosmic adventures, respectively. Each narrative, whether set on the bustling streets of New York or the far reaches of space, is infused with Duggan’s distinctive voice and keen narrative insight.

Duggan’s creator-owned projects, such as “Analog” and “The Infinite Horizon,” further illustrate his storytelling range, exploring dystopian futures and retellings of classic tales with a modern twist. These works, characterized by their thought-provoking themes and complex characters, offer readers a glimpse into Duggan’s broader literary interests and his proficiency outside the superhero genre.

Collaborations with top artists have been a hallmark of Duggan’s career, resulting in visually stunning and narratively rich projects. His respect for the comic book medium as a collaborative art form is evident in the seamless integration of story and art, enhancing the overall impact of his narratives.

As a key player in the comic book industry, Gerry Duggan continues to leave an indelible mark on the characters and worlds he touches. From the humorous escapades of Deadpool to the societal struggles of the X-Men, Duggan’s work resonates with fans for its emotional depth, humor, and inventive storytelling. For enthusiasts and newcomers alike, Gerry Duggan’s body of work represents the vast potential of comic books to entertain, challenge, and inspire.

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