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Ultraman: The Mystery Of Ultraseven #5 (of 5)

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The last hopes of Earth have their hands at each other’s throats.

Can anything pull them back from the edge – and even if they can, where could they go from here with the world turned against them?

Decades-old questions are answered, oaths are broken and a new movement is forged – as The Mystery Of Ultraseven concludes!

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23 pages
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3 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Un Cómic Más

    Excellent closure of this story arc that continues to raise the level of suspense and action in this interesting universe.

  • 80

    Building off of what was far and away their best issue of Ultraman, writers Kyle Higgins and Mat Groom have brought the latest series in for a landing with another great issue. Though an expectation of kaiju smashing and giant fists punching is present, Higgins and Groom have managed to make an issue about isolation and emotional vulnerability one of their best. Credit is also due to artist Davide Tinto and colorist Espen Grundetjern who have elevated an action-light script by making it visually engaging throughout. The series also has the good sense of teasing what’s to come, and those eager for the punches should be excited.

  • 80

    Graham Crackers Comics

    The mystery continues as more backstory and clues are presented to us. And like any good kaiju television show of the 1970’s, Mat Groom and Kyle Higgins story keeps it moving forward. More than one Ultraman on Earth! A visit to the Land of Light (home of the Ultramen! This is all really good stuff and artist Davide Tinto knows how to illustrate giant fighting warriors! And color artist Espen Grundetjean definitely knows where the silvers and the reds go! I only have one issue moving into the future of this story. And that is the reveal in the ad for the next issue. If true, what’s on the board for issue #6 is all kinds of wrong.

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