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Ultimate X-Men #3

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Maystorm’s origin!

Mei Igarashi was a regular girl until she discovered her unusual abilities and her hair changed from brown to white…

And how she came to idolize a mysterious freedom fighter in Africa who also harnesses the power of the storm!

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    Comic Watch

    Ultimate X-Men #3 is a continued return to form for the line and medium as a whole, as melodrama and slice-of-life characteristics find their way back into the genre. Momoko dramatizes the rougher textures of Hi-Chan and Mei’s characters through the depiction of their powers, defining their dynamics against one another. This is primarily done through dual flashbacks that establish a moving pace culminating in an enthralling double-page splash. The panel compositions and coloring choices in this issue speak to those expanding revelations, teasing out new mysteries for both the larger plot and buried histories of the two leads. The issue is once again proof that unique perspectives that naturally evolve the core ethos of a concept or team are necessary for compelling new comics.

  • 95

    Graphic Policy

    Ultimate X-Men #3is another delightful issue by Momoko as she builds upon more of the Ultimate universe and its mutant lore. With a strong focus on characters, relationships, and a distinct direction, she makes Ultimate X-Men a can’t-miss series among the other releases. Ultimate X-Men #3finds new ways to explore the ideas of mutants and bring in unexpected but welcome choices to significant effect.

  • 90

    First Comics News

    No review.

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    Caped Joel

  • 80


    Ultimate X-Men #3 continues the slow-boil storytelling, but by the end, it gets ever closer to a sort of team being formed. The series continues to be mysterious while developing the need for mutant powers in times of stress. It’s a series that feels dreamlike as it fleshes out a new kind of X-Men.

  • 80

    Ultimate X-Men #3 provides some heavy lifting for the story ahead after two astounding issues as it introduces Mei‘s own origin and prepares to expand the cast in rapid fashion. Both of these elements are well presented in their own right with Mei providing an interesting contrast to Hisako in more ways than one. The appearance of further castmates in the final few pages are bound to excite fans of Peach Momoko and Marvel Comics lore alike with some interesting outfits and names delivering a couple more top-notch character designs. Momoko is sure to bring elements of horror again, as well, infusing sequences with both the eldritch terror of darkness found before and the mundane horrors of humanity that give the supernatural its meaning. Taken as part of a greater narrative, Ultimate X-Men #3 delivers several excellent sequences that expand and deepen the series; it’s only that they don’t necessarily cohere as a singular reading experience in the same way that issues #1 and #2 offered singular experiences. There’s no doubt that Ultimate X-Men has set an exceedingly high bar for itself as the single most interesting new Marvel series of 2024 to date and even a transitionary issue like Ultimate X-Men #3 delivers the goods.

  • 80

    Impulse Gamer

    While this is still the number 2 book of the Ultimate line, it’s a damn good number 2. This book is equal parts creepy, action, and origin story. We get Mei’s “origin”, a bit more background on the weird guy with the hat which definitely has something to do with our ghostly spirit, and our first utterance of the word mutant. It may have taken 3 issues, but this is finally looking like a X-men book.

  • 80

    Comic Book Revolution

    Ultimate X-Men #3 continues the great world building through the reveal of Mei Igarashi’s origin story of how she became Maystorm. The other plot beats aren’t as successful but Momoko does enough with Mei’s origin to keep your attention to want to read where the story will go next. It helps that the artwork continues to be excellent, with a lot of jaw dropping visuals throughout this issue.

  • 80

    Nerd Initiative

    HISAKO ICHIKI and her world continues to provide a unique take on the X-Men mythos. Momoko shifts gears to Mei’s story which delivers on impactful writing and images. Once things come back to the present, there is a sense of wonder as a new player enters the game. This will be one to look out for on NCBD.

  • 63

    Major Spoilers

    Ultimate X-Men #3 was an opportunity to hit the ground running with a new character that’s already shown the potential to be an interesting new addition to not only the ultimate universe but Marvel’s gallery of characters in general.  Unfortunately, this wasn’t what we got, instead, Maystorm is given a cliché origin with only hints that there might be more to the story.  Otherwise, this was a fine addition to the series and managed to sneak in some tidbits right at the end that should cause some excitement for readers in the know.

  • 20

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Ultimate X-Men #3 continues to be one of the most baffling creative endeavors Marvel has released in recent years. A creator is tasked with creating an Ultimate X-Men comic, but instead, produces a manga with a glacially slow plot that has almost nothing to do with the Ultimates or the X-Men. There’s no reason for this comic to exist.

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