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Ultimate Spider-Man #3

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PETER PARKER’S NEW LIFE GETS EVEN MORE COMPLICATED… Spider-Man sizes up the new hero Green Goblin! As they team up to fight a new super villain, secrets about the corporations running North America are revealed… And you’ll never guess who discovers Spider-Man’s secret identity!

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  • 100

    The home run average for Jonathan Hickman and Marco Checchetto’s Ultimate Spider-Man continues as they’re now three for three. Hickman continues to remix the world in unique and satisfying ways. In the best moment of the issue Checchetto has the chance to deliver an action scene where two of the three participants have almost no idea what they’re doing, and it’s not only fun to read but lands with a perfect pay off. Ultimate Spider-Man reaffirms there’s a way to restart a major hero’s continuity and make it feel fresh, modern, and not beholden to decades of canon.

  • 100

    Comic Watch

    Ultimate Spider-Man #3 reinforces the standout elements of its first two issues, synthesizing them into an excellent continuation that emphasizes the speedy pacing of the series. Hickman’s writing captures the characters and their various dynamics perfectly, from Peter and May’s heartwarming bonding time to the infinitely compelling banter of Ben and Jonah, and even to the slick back-and-forth between Bullseye and Green Goblin. Paired up with Checchetto’s deft design work and sequential storytelling chops, reaffirms this book’s place as the heir apparent to cinematic comics.

    As the artist goes three for three on Bullseye designs, the book revels in establishing breakneck rhythms that sell the palpable excitement of webslinging, evoking the joy of seeing it translated to other mediums. Rounded out by Wilson’s bright, luminous palette, the book trades its cooler, evening aesthetic for one not afraid to be in the light and explore the intersection of Spider-Man as a daylight hero just as much as a vigilante. Ultimate Spider-Man #3 is a resounding success that feels like the mature, well-articulated revitalization of what made the original Universe universe such a seminal time in Marvel’s history (while also managing to make itself a killer pitch for a Jonah and Ben-led spinoff series).

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    But Why Tho?

    Ultimate Spider-Man #3 gives the series energy and exuberance. Many parts of the book don’t feel like a Hickman comic, which is refreshing. While always meticulously detailed and well-written, previous ventures could feel too scientific and universe-altering to get down to character specifics. In contrast, Ultimate Spider-Man has a singular focus, which has led to spectacular development. The book has a playful attitude and a sense of fun fused with the danger and drama. At every turn, a twist shakes up assumptions that Spider-Man fans can start to craft, telling completely new stories with familiar characters.

  • 100

    Un Cómic Más

    This new chapter is full of emotion, action, suspense and continues to reimagine Peter in different but incredibly interesting circumstances. This comic gets better with each new chapter.

  • 100

    First Comics News

    This series continues to be an absolute hit when it comes to giving the Ultimate Universe a fresh start while giving Spidey’s world a fresh remix that comes off as compelling and unique. The Spidey/Green Goblin team-up against Ultimate Bullseye is magnificent in the way that Marco Checchetto presents it in his art (He truly can do no wrong) and Jonathan Hickman’s scripts ramp up the fun factor that is a welcoming element to any Spider-Man title while serving as a main example of how to do a perfect restart.

  • 100

    Derby Comics

    Hickman’s vision for this new Ultimate Universe is becoming fully realized. He’s assembled a creative team firing on all cylinders, with Ultimate Spider-Man already in the running for Marvel’s best current series. It’s a must-read for any Spider-Man fan, new or old. I can only hope it keeps slinging issues this good for a long time to come!

  • 96

    Monkeys Fighting Robots

    Anthony: Ultimate Spider-Man has genuinely become my favorite monthly title that Marvel is currently putting out. I still have a million questions about this new universe, and about the ramifications of Peter not being bit by that spider as a teenager (what happened to Gwen??), but I’m not even sure I need the answers. I’m just happy to be along for this ride.

    Zac: It is such a fun ride. This creative team is killing it, and I think that with people as amazing at their jobs as Hickman, Checchetto, Wilson, and Petit, things are only going to get better from here!

  • 96

    Spider Man Crawlspace

    Ultimate Spider-Man continues to provide winning results. Hickman writes ever scene slowly crafted and entertaining. This series has reignited my love of Spider-Man with great art in a modern and elevated take on the character and his supporting characters. This is the Spider-Man that we should have been reading 20 years ago. The marriage works. The family dynamic work. The storytelling and artwork are AMAZING! This is the MOST popular Spidey comic out there because the template that Hickman has been providing so far. He is giving us what we actually want in a Spider-Man comic and I have been seeing nothing but positive results. Do yourself a favor, buy it.

  • 95


    Ultimate Spider-Man #3 is another winning issue. All told the progress in the plot feels slow, yet each scene is expertly crafted and entertaining. Ultimate Spider-Man will reignite your love of Spider-Man with great art in a modern and elevated take on the character.

  • 95

    Comic Book Revolution

    Ultimate Spider-Man #3 continues to the pure fun that this series has been since it launched. Jonathan Hickman and Marco Checchetto nail all the different dynamics between the cast. The relationships, especially Peter and May Parker’s father-daughter dynamic, make it easy to get lost in experiencing how the story develops with each page you turn. It all works to elevate to have the final moment between Spider-Man and Green Goblin maximize the impact Hickman and Checchetto were going for.

  • 92

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Hickman crafts a fun, entertaining and thrilling story filled with possibility for the character. I continue to enjoy the more mature Peter Parker in this series and how he navigates being a new hero while also managing his family life. I also like the unpredictability of the stories and how immersive this world is.

    The Art: Checchetto delivers beautifully detailed and visually dynamic art throughout the issue. The imagery is thrilling and I love the action a lot.

  • 90

    Fortress of Solitude

  • 90

    Nerd Initiative

    I’m getting chills yet again writing this review as it’s dawning on me that I’m in the middle of reading something truly special.

    I remember covering college football at the University of Florida during the mid-2000’s aka the Tim Tebow years, or working at ABC News when Avengers Endgame came out.

    It’s just an exhilerating feeling to have to step up your game to describe what you are witnessing and experiencing. You know you are in the midst of something great.

    And that’s where we are at with the entire Ultimate Universe.

    Marvel has stepped things up like we haven’t seen in years and boy is it great to be a Spider-Man fan.

  • 88

    Graphic Policy

    With well-timed jokes, flashy art, and fluid visual storytelling, Ultimate Spider-Man #3 continues to show the difficulty of doing good and helping people in a world that is literally undergirded by evil. The scenes with Peter and his family, former boss J. Jonah Jameson, and potential new friend Harry Osborn truly show that it takes a village to save the day and not in the cliched “Avengers assemble” kind of way. Although there’s hints at the Maker and larger Ultimate Universe narrative, Hickman and Checchetto keep the stakes and small and personal in this series, and it’s why this book is easily one of my favorite monthly ongoing superhero comics in recent years.

  • 85

    Graphic Policy

    Ultimate Spider-Man #3 is a fantastic issue really driving home the fundamentals of what’s making this series work so well. It’s just a solid comic that’s fun and in some ways still a decent point to start reading from. It builds upon the mystery of this world but not too in the weeds yet. But, most importantly, the fun and enthusiasm of the comic and its characters spills off the page.

  • 85

    Wakizashi's Reviews

  • 80

    Major Spoilers

    I really liked Ultimate Spider-Man #3 as a concept and a series. As a man in my thirties with an elementary-aged daughter, I’m in the proper age range to see myself in Peter. And I hope this quality of comics continues for this title.

  • 80

    Caped Joel

  • 78

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Ultimate Spider-Man #3 lacks the urgency and “responsibility” that makes up the soul of a Spider-Man comic. However, what the issue lacks is adequately made up for with fantastic art, immaculate character- and world-building, and an intriguing plot. You won’t be blown away by this issue, but you’ll enjoy it.

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