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Ultimate Spider-Man #1

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THE NEW ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN FOR A NEW ULTIMATE UNIVERSE! Visionary writer Jonathan Hickman (HOUSE OF X/POWERS OF X) and acclaimed artist Marco Checchetto (DAREDEVIL) bring you a bold new take on Spider-Man, with this, the debut title of the new line of Ultimate Comics! After the events of ULTIMATE INVASION, the world needs a hero…who will rise up to take on that responsibility? Prepare to be entangled in a web of mystery and excitement as the all-new ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN comic redefines the wall-crawler for the 21st Century!

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  • 100

    I think two things are true about modern Marvel Comics more than almost anything else: 1. When the company allows Jonathan Hickman to carry out his plans unabated, more often than not he’s going to deliver something that will stand the test of time and 2. Marvel Comics as a publishing entity are in their best possible position when Spider-Man comics are most accessible to readers. All due respect to the many writers that have put their stamp on the character over the past two decades, but when the Webslinger is easy for anyone to pick up and read—to enjoy without the frills of anything else in the line—Marvel thrives creatively. Jonathan Hickman and Marco Checchetto have given Marvel the chance to let both of these things be true at the same time in Ultimate Spider-Man #1; so please Marvel, for the sake of your readers and your characters, let them cook.

  • 100

    Comic Watch

    If you asked me a year ago about Jonathan Hickman and Marco Checchetto delivering the best Spider-Man book of the decade, I wouldve been hesitant to say it was possible. The hope of a truly amazing Spider-Man story in comics felt like a bygone conclusion. But after seeing this issue in action, there is no doubt this run will be something spectacular. It feels so of the moment and timeless all at once, reacting to the modern comic landscape while charting forward something that feels like fertile ground. This is how a modern reboot is done, built around the essence of a character and refracted through the times, with a top-tier artist and colorist on board.

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    Derby Comics

    YES! Jonathan Hickman’s debut issue of the first on-going series in Marvel’s new Ultimate universe (spinning out of Hickman’s Ultimate Invasion mini & Ultimate Invasion one-shot) did not disappoint in the slightest. The introduction of a powerless, middle-aged Peter Parker, now married to MJ with two kids, was such a refreshing take on all the various incarnations of Spider-people we’ve seen over the years. We’re not just looking at a mirror- or alternate-version of Peter Parker and the world around him. Hickman does a tremendous job of showing us the mental struggle Pete’s facing due to a lack of meaning in his life, without ever knowing what was missing. It makes him a very tragic and sympathetic figure, especially given how it is impacting his relationship with MJ. This is a character who will feel instantly relatable to superhero/Marvel/Spider-Man fans who were children of the 90s and have no aged into a point in their lives where its not too early for a reflection on one’s life, but its also not too late to make a major change. Outside of the kids, it was so easy to see myself in this version of Pete.

    Marco Checchetto continues to trend of top-notch artistry on these new Ultimate universe titles, following Bryan Hitch and Stefano Caselli’s past work. His detailed panels make you feel like you’re an onlooker, not a reader, fully present in each scene, as Peter’s life unfolds before you. It’s a masterful visualization of Hickman’s character-first story and puts a beautiful bow and the already wonderful script. It’s not going to be easy to follow this up at the same level consistently, but I have full faith in Hickman and Checchetto to give us their all for as long as Marvel lets them.

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    Before we wrap up, I also need to mention the art of Ultimate Spider-Man specifically. Marco Checchetto is an ideal choice for developing a band new Ultimate Marvel Universe. Checchetto’s art style is simultaneously comic-standard, realistic, and pays appropriate homage to artists who have come before. I really hope he sticks around on this book for years.

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    First Comics News

    Taking some of the plot threads that were introduced in “Ultimate Invasion”; this new interaction of Ultimate Spider-Man serves as the perfect jumping-on point while welcoming back readers of the original series but while it’s a joy to see this series returns with such enjoyment, be ready to delve into the changes because gone is the modern-day retelling of a teenage Peter Parker getting bit by a genetic spider but the character as an adult with children AND married to none other than Mary Jane Watson (A element that many Spider-Man fans will love or hate); To some, Jonathan Hickman may be an odd choice as a Spider-Man writer but this issue is a prime example of him being on his A-game and when he’s allowed to tell the stories he’s laid out in advance, it’s simply magic, mainly because he manages to keep things fresh and lively without recycling anything that Brian Michael Bendis brought to the table back in 2000; Marco Checchetto is one of Marvel’s artistic giants and he just keeps getting better and better with every page. Yes, some changes will shock you so **NO SPOILERS**; When Marvel gives us a Spider-Man story that is accessible to new and old readers, we get to see the creativity shine from beginning to end while once again being the perfect alternative to the regular Spider-titles currently out so for the sake of its creative team, give this title a chance!

  • 100


    Ultimate Spider-Man #1 is everything Spider-Man fans have been demanding for years. It offers solid artwork, witty scripts, and familiar variants of the beloved Spider-Man characters. Like the 2000 Ultimate Spider-Man series, it is a perfect distillation of what made Spidey Marvel’s flagship character and a new take on the original legend.

  • 100

    Un Cómic Más

    Ultimate Spider-man shakes up Spider-man’s origin with a brilliant, mature and direct twist.

    Art is loaded with great details that explode in your face supported by subtle and well-placed textures, which gives a raw and powerful tone to this story that shakes up and gives a realistic twist to Spider-man.

  • 100

    Fortress of Solitude

  • 96

    Spider Man Crawlspace

    The Stark influence and Peter not being completely honest on his “change” to his loved ones brought it down just a tad (this nitpick may be corrected in issue #2), but this is still an AMAZING BOOK! I’m locked in and Hickman seems to be as well. It’s nice to now look forward to this book and review it for you folks once again. I would encourage you to go and buy it. Look for more reviews to come and again, tell me what you think. Let me know if I missed anything…there was A LOT to unpack in this first issue! All good things, though!

  • 96

    Monkeys Fighting Robots

    ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN is giving fans some of what they wanted, and even more that they didn’t even know they wanted. If you’re a Spider-Man fan, you need to call your local comic shop and have them add this to your pull-list, because you’re going to want to see where this goes next. As familiar as this world feels, something tells me we have more than a few surprises coming our way.

  • 95

    Nerd Initiative

    The latest incarnation of Peter Parker is filled with classic drama and a question of unfulfilled destiny. Hickman sets the stage with magnificent writing while Checchetto and the team offer up some bold imagery while handling the emotional impact of destiny in a can’t miss debut.

  • 95


    Ultimate Spider-Man is like a warm blanket to the reader who wants to see Peter Parker have a great possible future. Sure, Hickman will likely blow it all up quickly because where’s the drama in a happy life, but it’s nice to see how well he’s written this character. This book has a lot of love, from the art to the character work, and it’s pretty clear we’re in great hands. Its strength lies in the interplay between characters with intriguing twists on what we know about Spider-Man that readers will love to unravel.

  • 90

    Graphic Policy

    Ultimate Spider-Man #1 does something the previous Ultimate Spider-Man didn’t quite do for me, it feels unique. It stands out with its own voice, a different take on a classic character, and delivers some emotion that pulls you in and makes you care about the characters. Overall, a fantastic start to the Ultimate Universe.

  • 90

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Hickman creates a wonderfully interesting take on the origin story in this first issue and I really loved the mature tone of the story. Giving Peter a more grounded life gives a new take on the responsibility of being a hero and I want to see that explored in this series. I look forward to seeing a mature Peter navigate the life he’s chosen and the drama of how that life affects the one at home with his family.

    The Art: Checchetto delivers some beautiful art in the issue. Every page and panel engage the reader in this world and with these characters. I love the visual style of the series and look forward to seeing more in the next issue.

  • 90

    Comic Book Revolution

    Ultimate Spider-Man #1 delivers on the exact promise that comes with the Ultimate Universe. It’s a fresh start for both the characters and readers. Jonathan Hickman and Marco Checchetto do a lot of excellent character work for Peter Parker and his cast to create this whole new world. In it you are left feeling that Ultimate Spider-Man is a series rich with potential that the creative team will be tapping into. It’s an accomplishment that makes Ultimate Spider-Man #1 must-read.

  • 90


    In all, this is a fantastic first issue that teases just enough to hook me, and tells an engaging story on its own.

  • 85

    Caped Joel

  • 80

    Get Your Comic On

    Exquisitely paced, elegantly written and beautifully rendered, Ultimate Spider-Man #1 is the Peter Parker book I’ve been waiting for.

  • 80

    Impulse Gamer

    If you can’t tell by now, I’m in for the long haul. Outside of that nagging issue about Peter’s costume, this is the perfect way to start a book about a man who has almost everything he could want, but still feels lost. It is time for peter to reclaim his destiny, and while it’s certain to not be easy, it is definitely going to be a hell of a lot of fun. I desperately await issue 2!

    Now we just have to wait a month to see the next step in this new world when T’Challa takes center stage.

  • 80

    But Why Tho?

    Ultimate Spider-Man #1 is a fascinating start. The changes to the world of Spider-Man are drastic and have altered how the character acts and speaks completely. This is not a book filled with action, but the tone is perfectly represented. There is a banal baseline because the whole universe has been forced into embracing it. The superheroes are what bring that excitement and energy. There is enough towards the second half of the comic to see where the intensity and life will be breathed back into the series. And the art is leaning on absolute legends of the industry.

  • 80


    As a new, alternate reality Spider-Man story, this issue is a fine start. Jonathan Hickman is writing, so you know all of that is going to be good. And the artwork is phenomenal, keeping everything very realistic, which is what I like. The Ultimate Universe was always about realism, and I love that sort of thing. So I really enjoyed the world-building in this issue. Ben Parker and J. Jonah Jameson make a great team, with Ben apparently providing a calming effect on Jonah over the years. And while Peter Parker has his head in the clouds for most of the issue, we still get a pretty solid look at him and his life, which is what a lot of fans have been clamoring for. It works just fine in this issue. So I’d say this definitely succeeds in creating a new fun, alternate reality Spider-Man story.

    My only gripe is with the weirdness of the new Ultimate Universe to begin with. I’ve read the other opening stories, and this is one complicated world. The original Ultimate Universe was all about streamlining things and keeping it simple and straight forward. This new series has a young Tony Stark from six months in the future sending superhero origins in a bottle backwards in time in order to recruit a new world of existing heroes. I really hope we see a lot of exploration of what it means for fully adult, father and husband Peter Parker to suddenly choose to turn himself into Spider-Man. It’s a wild idea with a long, complicated explanation, but I’m confident the creatives involved have given it a lot of thought and will make it work.

    We shall see. I’m very excited for Ultimate X-Men. I’d love to see a world where mutants develop and there’s no Xavier or Magneto to sort them into their respective houses.

  • 78

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Ultimate Spider-Man #1 is a bizarre way to kick off an ongoing series that has sky-high expectations on it. To be clear, the story Hickman presents is masterfully written in terms of establishing the characters and status quo of this alternate universe, and Checchetto’s art is stellar. However, I doubt anyone expected a Spider-Man comic without Spider-Man and a story that spends almost all of its time focused on Ben Parker.

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