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Ultimate Fantastic Four #32

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The Ultimate Fantastic Four versus the Zombie Universe Fantastic Four!

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    A good solid issue. I was impressed seeing Dr. Doom quickly and easily deal with the zombie versions of the Fantastic Four. I would have liked it even more to see some of the fight Dr. Doom has in store for himself in their dimension but that might be for another time. Reed mentions that after a few days no one will be able to teleport between the Ultimate universe and the zombie universe any longer so it’ll be interesting to see how they make Dr. Doom escape his self-imposed exile because there isn’t any way they’re just going to let Dr. Doom go that easily.

    I do wish the zombies had more of a center stage in this issue, but it was more focused on Reed and Dr. Doom switching bodies and then having to deal with the alien parasite inside Johnny’s body (that Doom summoned in the first place). But anything with any of the zombie versions of the marvel super heroes is gold in my book.

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