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Ultimate Fantastic Four #23

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The Fantastic Four must join forces with one of their world’s greatest villains to survive an epic battle on an alternate Earth against the Marvel Zombies!

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25 pages
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    I love the idea of the Marvel zombies, even though I was at first a little apprehensive about the whole thing, which is why the book has a high rating. The only thing keeping it less than a perfect grade was how easily the zombies were dealt with. I’m sorry but if you take the entire Marvel gallery of super heroes and then turn them into zombies, while letting them keep their powers, it’s going to take more than the Fantastic Four and Magneto to be able to get away easily from them. I mean, in one panel we see Nightcrawler teleporting onto the Giant Man’s shoulder, but then we don’t see him in the rest of the issue. He could teleport right next to any of the survivors and then teleport them wherever he wants them.

    One could argue that he was temporarily blinded by Sue turning all of their Optical nerves invisible but then what about Daredevil? He’s blind already so he should have still been a threat. This kind of argumentation could just go on and on.

    But, I still really loved seeing all of my favorite Super Heroes turn into flesh eating members of the walking dead so it keeps its high rating.

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