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Ultimate Black Panther #1

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THE NEW ULTIMATE BLACK PANTHER! In the wake of ULTIMATE INVASION, Khonshu and Ra – the force known together as Moon Knight – are seeking to expand their brutal control of the continent of Africa. In response, the lone bulwark against them, the isolated nation of Wakanda, will send forth its champion…its king…the Black Panther! From the creative minds of Bryan Hill (BLADE, KILLMONGER) and Stefano Caselli (X-MEN RED, AVENGERS) comes a bold new take on the world of Black Panther and Wakanda!

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33 pages
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  • 100

    But Why Tho?

    War is coming fast, and there are already two viewpoints created in Ultimate Black Panther #1 that are surely going to clash very soon. The art is gorgeous, bringing the landscape to life. The themes are all young but starting to fester and cause conflict early. This universe lacks worthy warriors, and yet Black Panther is ready-made. This will be extremely useful in times to come.
  • 100

    Fortress of Solitude

  • 100

    Un Cómic Más

    Epic beginning of a new saga that reimagines the Black Panther universe and relates it to Moon Knight. The art has many textures that offer a gloomy tone and interesting dynamism to this dramatic beginning, each page is hypnotizing with a cold color palette with many plays of shadows.
  • 100


    This book is everything a first issue should be. It is an action-packed adventure and a brilliant glimpse at a new world. If Hill and Caselli can maintain this momentum, this could easily become one of Marvel Comics‘ strongest titles.
  • 95


    Ultimate Black Panther #1 is another excellent entry into the new Ultimate Universe, revamping the world of Wakanda with plenty of political intrigue and new challenges for its titular regent. If you loved the Black Panther movies, the new Ultimate comics, or you’re looking for a great jumping on point this comic has it all. Here’s hoping the next issue keeps up the forward momentum.
  • 92

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Hill crafts an exciting and thrilling first issue for T’Challa filled with interesting twists and surprises that make me excited to see where this story will go next. The action is fantastic and there is a great level of suspense and drama throughout the story that grabbed me from the first few pages. The Art: Caselli’s art is brilliant. I love the details throughout the panels and the rich, deep and visually engaging colors from Curiel. The visuals enhance the drama of the story perfectly.
  • 90

    Comic Crusaders

    Tradition, superstition, politics, family, and love. There are so many ways to tell stories featuring any combination of these subjects. Ultimate Black Panther #1 is taking them all head on. So many potential conflicts are set up in this one issue, it will be interesting to see where Hill and company go story-wise and visually. The final panels revealing the potential enemy of the Black Panther alone makes issue #2 a must read already. With nods to the comic’s incredible history and even subtle nods to Black Panther’s time in the MCU, this start of a new adventure is one all Black Panther fans should check out immediately.
  • 90

    Nerd Initiative

    I’M IN is all i can say. Heart-pumping, action packed … I could go on and on about this book. I can already smell the conflict brewing inside T’Challa and the twists and turns that must come later in the series. What a ride we can expect my friends!
  • 87

    Major Spoilers

    While I’m unsure what themes the book will focus on in the long run, I’m engaged enough to keep picking up this series. The writing and artwork together for a new take on these beloved characters, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.
  • 84

    Geek'd Out

    The book’s greatest strength is the art by Stefano Caselli. From the living, breathing world of Wakanda to the beautiful character designs and sleek, mech-inspired look of Black Panther himself, every page is a literal work of art. The colors by David Curiel are equally magnificent; the artistic duo’s use of light and shadow give each panel a cinematic look that is not easy to attain but here, it seems effortless. Their incredible work extends to T’Challa’s chiseled physique and his equally beautiful supporting cast, including his still-living father T’Chaka and his wife Okoye, who leads the Dora Milaje. Family dynamics aside, the status quo that isn’t entirely dissimilar to what long-time readers may be used to. The familiarity is nice and all but the creative team plays things a little too safe. The Ultimate line was known for taking risks, with varying degrees of success, but it seems Ultimate Black Panther would rather hide in the shadows than risk open war.
  • 83

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    And that’s ultimately the key. As opening issues go, Ultimate Black Panther #1 was just a bit flat and dry. It didn’t offer a ton of excitement or clever twists to hook me out of the gate. Nevertheless, the potential is all over the place as you read this opening issue. Sure, the direction seems pretty clear but anything could happen. The premise is a bit intriguing and I love the potential villains and internal conflict that is likely to transpire with the cast. But the key is potential. Will it happen or am I providing more conjectures than the author actually is? And thus, I have to use a bit of my own imagination to see where this series might go instead of relying on the storyteller for guidance. And that becomes the problem. As of right now, I’m in on issue two mainly due to where “I” feel the story is going. But I want more guidance from Hill. In the meantime, you’ve got me for the first arc.
  • 82

    Graphic Policy

    Ultimate Black Panther #1 is a solid start. It’s a bit more backroom debates than expected, but that makes the comic stand out as Black Panther should be about the balance to statesmanship and being a superhero. It gets to the core of what makes the character and this world work so well. It also again stands out just enough from what has come before, laying the groundwork to expect new and exciting directions. Another solid start for the Ultimate Universe which is quickly standing out from everything else Marvel is currently doing.
  • 80

    There's a moment near the beginning of Ultimate Black Panther #1 where T'Challa makes a bold proclamation, telling his wife Okoye, "Traditions must change." It's clear that this is the larger thesis for this take on Black Panther, in addition to being the driving force writ large for this new Ultimate universe at Marvel Comics; but what the remainder of the pages in Ultimate Black Panther reveal is that things are mostly going to stick to how they're used to being. A handful of surprises are still in the mix that will have readers raise an eyebrow, but if you've read a Black Panther comic in the past 20 years this one doesn't feel all that different, but that's still not a bad thing to publish.
  • 80

    Comic Watch

    Ultimate Black Panther #1 is the familiar yet fresh take T'Challa and the Kingdom of Wakanda have been in desperate need of for the last three years. With so much potential brimming on the book's future, this is a must-read for anyone even considering jumping into Marvel's new Ultimate Universe.
  • 80
  • 75


    Marvel’s reimagined top alternate universe continues its rebirth with ‘Ultimate Black Panther’ #1, an issue that exists. A lack of defining differences or emotional beats leaves an issue that should or could be a revelation a bit cold.
  • 70

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Ultimate Black Panther #1 is the first introduction of the Ultimates version of the character to longtime Ultimates fans. Hill’s script is tight, dramatic, and fueled by the onset of war, and Caselli’s art, including the new suit, looks fantastic. That said, the point of Ultimates is to create a fresh spin on an old character. On that point, Hill doesn’t deliver.
  • 70

    Impulse Gamer

    This is an uneven, but great start. It’s going to be interesting to see where the Killmonger, Storm, and Shuri developments lead. To be frank, every character besides T’Challa is interesting in his own book. They need to work on that. Also, the lack of a Tony cameo is disappointing. However, this is only issue 1. There’s a lot of time left.
  • 68

    Multiversity Comics

    At the end of the day, “Ultimate Black Panther” #1 is a mixed bag. There is really strong dialogue and art crafted across this story. The villains introduced in previous comic books inject a sense of intrigue towards the comic book series. However, the level of familiarity with the Black Panther franchise is holding me at arm’s length from investing in this comic book. If Marvel is having trouble keeping new readers on fresh comic book titles, why not shake the continuity as far as it can possibly go to keep readers interested. Why did the character of T’Challa have to be the face of the “Ultimate Black Panther” when readers have their own version of character incredibly well established in Marvel’s core continuity? Why not feature a cameo from The Ultimate Universe’s greatest villain in the first issue?
  • 60


    So the thing about Ultimate Black Panther is that there’s nothing really ‘ultimate’ about this. There are no real twists or alternate takes on the material to hook a reader. This is about as cut and dry a simple Black Panther relaunch as one could get. We’ve got T’Challa as king of Wakanda and Black Panther. We’ve got Shuri, Okoye, the death of his father, some mysticism about the gods, and then Killmonger and Storm in the wings. And to give him a villain to fight, they’ve revamped Moon Knight, which warrants nothing more than a nod of name recognition. Ultimate Black Panther is just a staid Black Panther comic. All that being said, it’s still a fine enough issue. The writing is strong, the artwork is great, the issue succeeds in a lot of world-building, some of it stronger than other parts. I really love what’s being done with Killmonger and Storm; they could be a lot of fun. I have no idea who the insider is that kills T’Chaka. The scene has T’Chaka and T’Challa up on a floating pedestal high above the people as part of an annual celebration of life (an event that is not foreshadowed at all earlier in the book). And with those two very important people is a third person, a woman in a hood. I flipped back through the issue a couple times but couldn’t find this woman anywhere else. So there’s no set-up for why she’s important enough to be on the dais with them or whether her suicide bombing is any sort of betrayal. But it’s the climactic ending of the first issue. So there are some holes in the storytelling. But a solid foundation has still been laid. T’Challa is a strong character, though he so far lacks any defining or entertaining personality traits. He’s just a tough and firm king. The other characters are themselves. And then the artwork is really good. So yeah, good all around first issue, it just lacks any distinctive flair.

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