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Titans: Beast World Tour: Central City #1

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Speedsters infected!

The home of the Flash is not immune from the Starro spores, and as a member of the Flash Family is infected, it’s all hands on deck across both Central and Keystone City.

Irey West has a plan that requires the help of her BFF Maxine Baker, while Avery Ho, Wallace West, and fan-favorite Circuit Breaker will all be working together with the entire clan to contain the infected speedsters causing chaos across the city.

Oh, and the recent issues within the Speed Force haven’t gone away…

This key chapter of the Beast World saga also contains important revelations for the Scarlet Speedster’s next steps as The Flash writer Si Spurrier is joined by Speed Force writer Jarrett Williams, Circuit Breaker scribe A.L. Kaplan, and Knight Terrors: The Flash writer Alex Paknadel!

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    But Why Tho?

    Titans: Beast War World Tour Central City #1 reinvents the anthology format. The idea of threading and interlocking the stories requires a remarkable team effort that is achieved spectacularly. Featuring connections to ongoing series also makes the book feel like an extension of the event and the ongoing titles.

  • 90

    Geek Dad

    There are some nice shout-outs to the other heroes these two have befriended, but this one feels more like an ad for the main book than an essential part of the story.

    By contrast, I really loved the Paknadel/Acuna segment, which finds Jai and Maxine on a sort-of date with Irey being kept in the dark. This segment is delightfully awkward and these two make a very amusing pair, especially for how angry it makes Irey.

    The ending of this book is so strange it feels like a Silver Age fever dream, which I imagine was exactly what Spurrier and co. were going for.

  • 60

    There are a lot of characters to keep track of in this Beast World tie-in. The Flash family has a lot going on at the moment, with Barry Allen presumably semi-retired and Wally West acting as the main Flash on the Titans. Instead of having each short story doing its own thing, they all weave the central story through one another, and it honestly works. My favorites featured Kid Flash, Avery, Jai and Maxine Baker.

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