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Titans: Beast World Tour: Atlantis #1

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Beast World plunges into the deep! As Garth reacts to the crisis amongst his former Titans teammates, all hell breaks loose in the depths of Atlantis! It’s a clash of Aquaman and Tempest in a deep-sea battle royale that points the way to new horizons ahead. Plus, megalodons versus Mera and Jackson Hyde, and Black Manta channels his inner manta in this exciting next installment of “Beast World”!

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3 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    But Why Tho?

    Titans: Beast War: World Tour – Atlantis #1 is another awesome format shakeup. Something of a blend between the classic style of multiple stories but with more of the interlocking concept of the Central City issue, ultimately, the tie-in is a success because of it. It makes the issues feel like a bigger story overall, providing the characters and the cities under attack with time to build into something great. There are not as many stories but higher quality ones, with still enough space for some fun extras, like delivering an ode to Jaws.

  • 85

    Geek Dad

    Overall, none of these stories are classics, but it’s good to see the Aquafam in action again.

  • 60

    Ultimately, “Beast World”‘s tour through the briney depths of Atlantis has its strengths and weaknesses as we’re offered another anthology issue touching upon the characters both above and below the sea. Perhaps the best of the bunch revolves around a crew of heroes and villains put together by Amanda Waller to take down a Black Manta that is living up to his name. Ultimately, there’s a lot here that might fly over the heads of readers who aren’t caught up on their “Aqua lore” but it’s easy enough to follow the individual stories. The first and third stories seem a tad disjointed when it comes to what happens to some characters, but it’s a minor gripe. The Beast World Tour perhaps doesn’t need to make so many “stops” along the way but there’s luckily at least some diamonds in the rough with it.

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