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Titans: Beast World #4 (of 6)

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A Titan falls! With the greatest minds and killers of the DCU at her disposal, Amanda Waller unleashes her malevolent master plan to remake the world in her image. With the Titans off the board, do the beasts stand a chance? The Wall’s hunt begins here!

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    But Why Tho?

    Titans: Beast War #4 sinks its teeth into the event. With three issues taken to assess and get a wide understanding of the scale of the situation, now the real heart of the story is being exposed. There is an atmosphere in this comic that is palpable with dread. The Titans have been exceptional leads, as have all the peripheral characters. It hasn’t overloaded the main book with an enormous cast, with which events can sometimes get carried away. Instead, a core group has been gathered and maintained, prioritizing them in the plot to keep an emotional heart to the heaps of chaos.

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    Overall, Titans: Beast World #4 is another strong entry in this event. As all the pieces begin to fall into place, it becomes more apparent how this event will set up the Titans in the DC Universe in the future. While there have been a lot of moving parts in this event, their connectivity becomes more apparent as the three main storylines prepare to interweave themselves.

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    Geek Dad

    Taylor and the art team promised big-scale beast action, and so far they’re delivering in a big way.

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    Dark Knight News

    Titans: Beast World #4 is a big step in the new direction DC will be headed after this event and is a highly recommended read.

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    Comic Book Revolution

    Titans: Beast World #4 is another excellent chapter in the latest DC Universe event. Tom Taylor does a great job at positioning the Titans and other heroes to do what they do best. The way Amanda Waller is brought in to further the greater Dawn of DC direction creates several surprise moments, including an impactful ending. And once again Lucas Meyer delivers artwork that makes every page and panel have a sense of importance. It all comes together for another must-read experience.

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    Nerd Initiative

    Titans Beast World #4 is a triumph in storytelling and visuals. Tom Taylor’s gripping narrative, combined with Lucas Meyer’s dynamic art and Romulo Fajardo Jr’s evocative colors, creates an immersive experience. The emotional depth and breakneck pacing make it a standout issue that leaves readers begging for more!

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    Tom Taylor’s approach to the grim politics and trauma in Beast World is starting to win me over. The true conflict surrounds wrestling with the fact that innocent people are killing each other and there’s very little the Titans can do without killing one of their own. Furthermore, the strongly disturbing imagery of parents killing their children or metahumans unwittingly destroying towns is insane to set in the main universe. It’s themes have a deep reach and effect on it’s characters and the fate of the DC Universe! Not to mention it’s ties to Tom King’s fantastically thrilling take on Wonder Woman. Despite years of events coming and going without sufficient consequences on the citizens, heroes, or villains, Beast World makes consequences a point of focus. Overall, Tom Taylor has found his rhythm and the rest of the DC universe is shaking. For now, I hope he keeps it up.

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    Fortress of Solitude

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    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Titans: Beast World #4 was fast-paced and action-packed. Taylor raises the excitement but doesn’t move the plot much at all. As usual, Taylor juggles a large cast well and showcases just how well he works in conjunction with his art team. Yet even the the plot doesn’t move much at all, we still get some amazing character work attributed to Nightwing and Oracle.

    Nevertheless, as the issue comes to a close, I couldn’t help but watch the demise of the Jon Kent Superman. He seems emotionally too weak and raw to control his abilities even after all he’s been through so far and the experiences he’s had. It really was the only bad taste I got from Titans: Beast World #4. That said, do I think this event is outstanding? Not really. However, it’s entertaining enough and there have been far worse and far more convoluted stories than this one in comparison. Titans: Beast World #4 hits the halfway mark well with excitement and entertainment. However, it’s no place to jump into the series. I recommend going back and catching up on the prior issues first.

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    ‘Titans: Beast World’ #4 rapidly propels this short-lived DC Comics event towards its conclusion, tossing around a lot of concepts in less than concrete ways. Plenty of sparks of bold wonderous superhero action, upping the stakes, while tugging at the heartstrings somewhat.

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    Beast World remains a solid outing for DC Comics in its roster of crossovers. Taylor has such an in-depth knowledge of this super hero universe that he is able to seamlessly use characters, old and new, when it comes to weaving a story that, on paper, sounds a little ridiculous. Ultimately, the biggest knock against the series is its art change ups, not to necessarily say that Meyer isn’t doing a good job here, but for a giant crossover mini-series, it might work ultimately better to only have one penciler handling artistic duties. The big death at the end of the issue feels earned and it will be interesting to see how this plays out in the remainder of Beast World and the DC universe as a whole.

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    Caped Joel

  • 78

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Titans: Beast World #4 answers one of the bigger questions about this crossover – how will Amanda Waller stop Garro? And the result is a big bang moment. Taylor is doing a fine job is keeping readers engaged in the moment, even if the setup relies too heavily on assumptions and coincidences, and Robert Carey’s art is excellent. This crossover works, but only if you don’t think about it.

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