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Titans: Beast World #3 (of 6)

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The world has gone wild, and Amanda Waller is the only one who can bring order! The mastermind behind the Suicide Squad has now been given frightening authority to deal with the threat at large. She knows what is needed to end this, but will her brutal methods put her on a collision course with the Titans?

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  • 100

    But Why Tho?

    Titans: Beast War #3 is cementing the heroes’ legacy. This is a group that has always been on the sidelines. It isn’t even a coming-of-age story. That would be better attributed to Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, where Nightwing and the other younger heroes had to step up. They are adults through and through. They are now the last line of defense, expected to save the world. And yet the values that made them unique are still held dear; the sensitivity and their shared connection keep them tethered even across the planet.

  • 95

    Lyles Movie Files

    Beast World has been a welcome surprise with an event that actually manages to feel important while setting up an even bigger threat.

  • 90

    Geek Dad

    Waller is a bit one-note here compared to how the character was originally conceived, but there’s no question she’s an intimidating villain and somehow makes the spectacle here feel like the secondary threat.

  • 90


    Titans: Beast World #3 is another strong issue in a great event. It may have originally been shocking to picture an event where the DC Universe fights Beast Boy become one of the most engaging events in recent times, but this issue continues to cement the gravity of the story. Throughout the story, there is a continued sense of urgency which seems to further tip to the side of victory, but not for the Titans. Overall, this is another compelling story with great work from the entire creative team involved.

  • 85

    Comic Book Revolution

    Titans: Beast World #3 is another incredible chapter in the latest DC Universe big event. Tom Taylor and Lucas Meyer did an excellent job at showing how our heroes go from reacting to taking action in the face of the Garro crisis. The developments with the Titans and Amanda Waller sides of the story build even more excitement for what will happen next.

  • 85


    ‘Titans: Beast World’ #3 kicks the event into an even higher gear as the true villain makes their next move. A well-timed focus shift brings the Titans back into the thick of things, as the bombastic superhero vibes are clear on every page.

  • 84

    Comic Watch

    Suspense behind what Amanda Waller’s big plans are is keeping the story alive and now it’s just a matter of time to see if she’ll succeed. Will she turn the world’s heroes into the monsters that she sees them as or will she finally be dealt with in the end of this event?

  • 80

    Dark Knight News

    Titans: Beast World #3 is a slightly less gung-ho issue, but I’m sure it planted a lot of seeds for things to come! Bring on the next batch of comics, please!

  • 80

    On its face, Beast World has a ridiculous premise, but luckily, much like Bucky being brought back from the grave in Captain America, Tom Taylor is able to lend enough creativity to make it a hit. Taylor has such a solid grasp on the many characters of the DCU, seamlessly weaving them all together here to make it look effortless. Unfortunately, Ivan Reiss doesn’t return for this latest issue, which is a bit of a shock truth be told. When you have a major crossover event that’s only so many issues, it comes across as a bit jarring to see a new pencilier on the task at hand. Luckily, Lucas Meyer shines here, solidly picking up from where Reiss left off. The Titans being front and center for this crossover benefits Beast World and I’m anxious to see where this goes in the near future, especially considering the cliffhanger.

  • 80

    Fortress of Solitude

  • 75


    I wholeheartedly believe that the same crowd of people who have enjoyed series like DCeased will not have issues with Beast World. If readers can tolerate the wonky premise, the overall tone, decent artwork, corny dialogue, and silly characters; then they will have fun with this. Otherwise, there aren’t very many new reasons to stop if you’ve already begun. Donna, Waller, Detective Chimp, and Jon Kent’s appearances rank among some of the highlights of this issue. While I’m still waiting to see how it all weaves together, this issue is the most entertaining the event has been so far.

  • 70

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Titans: Beast World #3 shows Amanda Waller making moves in her grand plan, and things happen, but the fundamental flaws in Tom Taylor’s setup are starting to show their cracks. You get plenty of big action, and the plot is moving toward some outcome, but the story only works if you ignore two things – the history of Starro and Waller’s goals to have the world see heroes as monsters.

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