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Titans #7

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The battle for Tempest’s soul rages on! Brother Eternity shows his true self as the Titans battle for their friend with the hope of freeing him from the enigmatic cult leader’s spell. Will exposing the Church of Eternity and their ulterior motives turn the tide of the war for Earth?

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    But Why Tho?

    Titans #7 becomes the spotlight. The main book within Titans: Beast War is excellent, but this tie-in takes the event to another level. Taylor can be more in-depth with his characters, essentially having two Titans books at the same time. But where the story of the main book has to embody the future of the DC Universe as a whole, this plot can be centered around the team completely. The Brother Eternity storyline wasn’t sidelined. Instead, it was elevated and adapted to be completely involved. Fewer characters allowed others to flourish with stunning art that made them look amazing.

  • 90


    It’s always darkest before the dawn. This issue proves it, as the Titans are against the ropes, but they regroup and come together for a costly win. The threat of Brother Eternity getting shut down will create a future problem for the close-knit team, as they might not like the solution made for them. It’s a fun issue that adds to the Beast World event at DC Comics.

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    Geek Dad

    This might be a smaller-scale battle than the one raging outside, but Taylor manages to infuse it with maximum tension due to how quickly a team member can be transformed. A lot of credit goes to Travis Moore, whose guest art manages to make the Necrostar spores truly disgusting. The battle to free Nightwing is a key part of this issue, and there’s a great little detail about how Cyborg’s body works and affects the spores. However, the two stars of this issue are undeniably Raven and Starfire. Raven displays some unique new powers that no one saw coming and potentially hint at a major crossover with Superman down the line. Then there’s Starfire, who finally gets the chance to shake off the grief and pain of her childhood trauma and reclaim her story. This retcon about how it all began also makes me wonder if Taylor will be digging into her relationship with Blackfire anew soon.

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    Dark Knight News

    Titans #7 is a great comic and a must-read for fans of the team, “Beast World”, Starfire, Nightwing, heroes, villains, and awesome comic art and writing… this list could become very long, so save yourself the time and just read this book!

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    Several beats find their conclusion as ‘Titans’ #7 wraps up the book’s time within the overall Beast World event, leaving some potential pieces for the future. A more well-rounded issue allows the characters room to breathe, as the visuals pack a punch just like the superheroes they depict.

  • 80

    Titans #7 is listed as a tie-in to DC’s overarching “Beast World” event, and for the most part the issue straddles that line pretty well. Those moving to the next part of the story will get explanations as to why certain characters have been restored and why other characters are off the board completely, though the most important elements are in regards to Brother Eternity. Tom Taylor reveals the major connections between Brother Eternity and the events that got the event rolling in the first place, while also showing where he is now. You could still likely read the next chapter of Beast World without this issue though, as a few editors notes could get you up to speed enough to be off and running. That said, the banter between the remaining Titans, especially when the topic moves to Nightwing, are solid gold, and Starfire and Raven steal the show in multiple moments throughout the issue. Travis Moore and Tamra Bonvillain deliver on those sequences as well, especially when “Foxwing” is nearby. While this isn’t 100% necessary to the overall “Beast World” event, it still provides major details and crucial context, and Titans fans will find plenty to enjoy if they decide to pick it up.

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    Get Your Comic On

    Titans #7 has the titular team on the back foot and in need of a win. But despite their ever growing problems and a wider global catastrophe, Tom Taylor never loses sight of what means the Titans a fan-favourite team. Their humanity and their connection to each other.

  • 76

    Comic Watch

    Coming to the end of Beast World, it’s safe to say the beginning of the end wasn’t off to a bad start. The decision to keep the phony “Brother Eternity” in the phantom zone is another way for the writer to leave doors open, which is a hint at the idea that there is so much more in store for the Titans and their adventures.

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    Major Spoilers

    With the team already down two heroes (I think Donna is off helping Wonder Woman in her own book), Titans #7 puts the team in the middle of their first giant crisis as the first line of defense, allowing each member a little room to prove their salt and doing so with solid art that only suffers in comparison to the previous penciller. If things are what they seem to be in Beast World, the next couple of issues of Titans should be pretty dramatic and well worth watching for.

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    Weird Science DC Comics

    Titans #7 is one of the better tie-ins to Beast World as Tom Taylor rifles through a laundry list of plot points to resolve several smaller conflicts in preparation for the Beast World finale. The art is fine, and Taylor’s script gets the job done, but the issue lacks drama, emotional impact, or anything memorable.

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    Caped Joel

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