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Titans #2

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A Titan is murdered! Will the new era for the Titans end almost as soon as it’s begun? After one of their own is found dead, the remaining Titans must look for answers before more blood spills. Can they outrun the horrible fate they’ve been dealt? Plus, a new Brother Blood rises as the team begins to fall apart!

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    Great writing continues in this issue, with Taylor showing a real familiarity with these characters and their history. Taylor seems to be fully utilizing the Titans and their history to show that not only has the paradigm shifted for the Titans, but for their villains as well. Taylor is doing a great job so far putting this familiar team into a new situation. Scott and Kwok don’t sleep at the wheel, either. They really utilize every opportunity to make these characters as detailed as possible. Some standouts here would be Starfire’s powers and closeups, as even her eyes are detailed to give them a sense of depth.

    Titans #2 is a great example of when something isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it. This great issue is looking like the beginning of a great run on this team, and you should be getting in on it now whether you had previously read Titans or not.

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    Lyles Movie Files

    Titans reads like a comic that’s been highly successful for years. There’s a confidence to the approach to the characters, the artwork has few remotely close peers and it’s a fun read.

    The latter shouldn’t be surprised. Writer Tom Taylor isn’t interested in creating these bleak, depressing examinations of what it means to be a hero. Taylor gets that the fun in comics stems from engaging, likable characters playing off each other tackling threats of various levels. The Titans are childhood friends and Taylor writes them as such with various closer pairings than others but all having a family bond. If a “family member” — in this case Tempest — doesn’t want to return to the fold, some of that family is upset and are determined to reach out to him.

    And on the art front, Nicola Scott specializes in breathtaking, amazing work. There’s such obvious care in her details from the flow of character’s hairstyles to posture that’s befitting the character’s personalities and an overall lifelike presentation. In terms of DC artists regularly producing monthly content, Scott is on the elite level alongside Bruno Redondo, Fernando Pasarin, Dan Mora and Jamal Campbell.


    The issue ends with a crazy cliffhanger that definitely has me excited about what’s in store for next issue for one of DC’s already elite titles.

  • 90

    There’s a lot going on in Titans #2, but Tom Taylor has it really well under control thanks to an obvious understanding of the characters in play. There’s some expert use of call backs that connect readers to the long history of the characters while also tying to their current situations. This approach works very well considering that the Titans are investigating a mystery involving one of their own so it helps sort of keep everything together and thus, keep the reader engaged. It’s also paced really well which also tees up a stunning twist that flips everything on its head at the end of the issue. The art in the issue works very well on top of all of this to create something that is engaging and interesting in equal balance. There are a lot of good choices here and this feels like a substantive mystery in the making.

  • 90

    Geek Dad

    This series got off to a fast start, pun intended, with the first issue as the Titans gathered to take their place as the premiere superhero team in the DCU—only to find one of their own dead on the floor of the tower. Wally West was fatally shot, bled out, but managed to get to the tower just in time to leave a message for his friends. As the shellshocked Titans discover his body and try to notify his wife—Wally runs through the front door, completely fine. That’s what happens when the Flash has a treadmill that can run through time, I suppose. It’s a clever plot device, as well as a great way to take the tension out of a situation we knew wasn’t going to stick long-term as Wally has his own title. But now the Titans have another challenge—solving Wally’s murder before it happens. Wally and Dick stay behind to solve the case, while the other heroes are led by Donna as they head off to stop an environmental crisis in Borneo.

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    But Why Tho?

    Titans #2 is a vivacious read you can sit down and enjoy with an ending that will undoubtedly prompt healthy discussion amongst fans. Wonderfully written, the issue gives each hero a moment to shine, features heroism and humanity, and brings it all to life through slick, bright, detailed art. Get yourself a copy and recognize the Titans are every bit as good as the JLA, JSA, and other popular teams are.

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    Dark Knight News

    Titans #2 continues the Tom Taylor Hot Streak of fantastic issues. DC, please take care of this writer, make sure he knows just how valued he is, AND just how much his fans are loving all his titles.

  • 90

    DC Comics News

    Titans #2 is a step up from last issue. The threat actually fits better and the set up with Brother Blood’s new lease on life works better than the distraction of Peacemaker and Amanda Waller. Overall, Titans #2 feels more concise and directed in terms of plot, and the character moments enhance the plot more effectively. If last issue didn’t grab you, this one may have what you want. Nicola Scott’s art remains consistently wonderful, however.

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    Tom Taylor is killing it on Nightwing, and he’s now killing it on Titans as well. Great stuff in this issue. He takes the joy and cheerfulness of his Nightwing comic and spreads it to a whole team. Everybody’s got a voice, everybody works well together with those voices, and we’ve got plenty of interesting story going on. I loved how the Flash showed up just as the Titans were grieving about the death of the Flash. That was a neat twist, and having Wally in the story is better than him being dead the whole time. That story is dropped shortly thereafter, but it’s replaced by a couple of even more interesting stories! An attack on a rainforest, with the Titans — especially Beast Boy — rushing to help. Fun stuff there, with added character drama of Donna taking the lead.

    Then the Brother Blood stuff is really interesting, in my opinion. If you’re going to bring back a classic villain for a comic like this, giving him a total makeover is a great idea. It really breathes new life into the character and the upcoming conflict. And I really like the new direction. The idea of fleeing Earth to live among the aliens of the DC Universe makes perfect sense. Has it ever been done before? It works perfectly, seems perfectly reasonable, but it also feels like there’s just something sinister going on. And the mystery with Garth works for me too. Can’t wait to see where that goes and how that evolves. Taylor has really set up a lot of interesting stories for the team going forward.

  • 90


    A new era for the Titans means a new era for their allies and foes as well, as the series continues to build up this modern take on the found family team. Solid action and character beats are brought to colorful sleek life, giving the team the energy they deserve.

  • 87

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Taylor crafts a fun and entertaining story with some great twists throughout. Not only was I not expecting Wally to show up, but I loved seeing the team reacting to the situation and the awkwardness of it. I love seeing the Titans come into their own as heroes and the flashback was a great narrative choice. The mysteries being created in this series have gotten my attention and I look forward to seeing them unfold.

    The Art: Scott delivers some beautiful art in the issue. Not only is the action visually thrilling, but the character designs are fantastic and perfectly complement the environments of the issue.

  • 85


    After last issue’s events, the Titans get their legs and press forward to discover a villain’s rebranding, a hero changing viewpoints, and that the dead are alive. Tom Taylor and Nicola Scott put the Titans on quite the course with this new volume as they make their way across the DC Universe.

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    Comic Book Revolution

    Tom Taylor and Nicola Scott utilize the ending of the first issue to develop multiple storylines and character arcs in Titans #2. The experience and relationships shine throughout this issue. It was all done in a seamless manner that further emphasized why the Titans are the premiere superhero team in the Dawn of DC direction. This drives home why Titans is a must-have series for DC Comics’ fans.

  • 80

    Fortress of Solitude

  • 75


    The new Titans series has solid illustration, but often problematic plot choices. On the positive side, it utilizes all of the Titans and they feel like they each contribute something to the plot and overall atmosphere. On the negative side, there is an abundance of sketchy history Taylor wants us to be aware of, but not look too deep into. In fact, it has such a loose handle on lore that it copies, rehashes, or contradicts a lot of the references it tries to invoke. Overall, I don’t want to penalize the book too badly, but leaning on shaky foundations can lead to confusion. Luckily, the story is still massively entertaining, and has a lot of potential to outdo the story threads it desperately wants to succeed.

  • 60

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Titans #2 is a boring sophomore issue that dispels the mystery from issue #1 almost immediately and spends most of the issue, except for one action scene, with characters standing around and talking. The art looks pretty, and the story technically moves forward, but the net result is utterly forgettable.

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