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Titans #11

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After a literal deal with the devil, Waller turns things up a notch! With the help of the twisted Doctor Morrow, she has now created an ultimate weapon capable of taking down all the Titans. Can the team survive themselves?

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    Titans #11 is one of the series’ best issues to date, and shows how great the Titans as an idea is for conveying themes and emotions to readers through heartfelt storytelling. Tom Taylor has done a great job utilizing each of the members of the team, ensuring they all get the spotlight in their own right without diminishing the greatness of the others, and this issue is a true testament to that ability. Additionally, the story sets up the next act of Raven’s plans at an accelerated rate. This issue is surely a can’t-miss.

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    Dark Knight News

    Titans #11 is my idea of wonderful. The next DC encyclopedia, by the word “excellence”, should feature the photo of everyone who worked on this little book.

  • 100

    But Why Tho?

    Titans #11 is spectacular. The comic is a brilliant representative of what Taylor has been attempting over the latest arc. The bright colours and cheerful team is being dragged into darkness, and those around them are following suit. What starts as an inspirational tale turns tragic through manipulation and supervillains. The fight is incredible, with ruthless execution and several startling moments. The chemistry within the team, usually tight-knit and unbreakable, has been turned uneasy and fragile. The whole issue demonstrates the transition and maturity of the team from a family to a force to be reckoned with.

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    Comic Book Revolution

    Tom Taylor and Lucas Meyer have found the secret sauce to make the latest story involving Trigon making Raven his successor engaging. This direction with Raven becoming the Dark-Winged Queen has given this version of the character an agency we don’t normally see in the Trigon story. Raven taking he next step in being Trigon’s successor made the new villain introduced act as a great trigger point for progress. Taylor and Meyer invest enough time in the new villain so they aren’t just a plot device. This along with learning what Nightwing is secretly doing made Titans #11 another strong issue in what is one of DC Comics’ best series.

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    Geek Dad

    This does feel a little like a tie-in to Absolute Power before that event starts—not a surprise, and this team has had quite a few of those—but Taylor has done great work with these characters, and every new dark twist that threatens to unravel them works very well to up the tension.

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    Comics From The Multiverse

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    Lyles Movie Files

    Of the four installments, this was the strongest issue of this arc. Ironically since it featured the least amount of Dark Raven’s manipulations and more of a focused story tying into Absolute Power.

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    Titans #11 delivers the fourth installment of “Dark-Winged Queen” in the midst of Titans’ many subplots and an expansive cast, yet it feels as easy to recommend as the first issue. Each new element is fun to discover in itself and every segment of this ongoing story is perfectly understandable to a reader familiar with the superhero genre. Even if the broader details of a mystery may escape a new reader (like myself), the presentation of Dick Grayson’s investigation is presented in intriguing fashion both on the page and in the text. The addition of a new antagonist with a terribly sympathetic hook brings the issue together as it moves from tragic origin to climactic confrontation, which in turn threatens to set off even bigger events. Titans #11 is an exemplary bit of how to make big superhero comics accessible and I’m already anticipating issue #12 as a result.

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    A visual feast with a story that balances precariously upon the edge of a precipice is very much the ongoing summary line for this series, and doesn’t change with Titans #11. We do get a pretty cool character concept and some ties to the bigger picture event on the way so there is something at least.

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    Weird Science DC Comics

    Titans #11 introduces a new robot villain with strong potential, shows that Nightwing is becoming reckless (not in a good way), and sets the stage for Evil Raven to continue her descent into darkness. Tom Taylor’s script hits all the right technical notes, but he misses big on the creative choices, and Meyer’s art is solid.

  • 40


    I’m at the point where this series is being graded on a curve for me. If I felt invested in this story, the flaws with this issue would feel disappointing. But Taylor hasn’t given readers much emotionally resonant material to work with up to this point, so I picked up this comic simply hoping to have a decent time, and that was achieved. Meyer’s art combined with the novelty of learning more about a recently introduced character kept my attention.

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