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Timeless #1

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The last battle of Kang the Conqueror!

Tyrant of the timeline, master of endless legions, warrior and conqueror without compare, Kang is in search of the one thing he cannot have. But he is not the only one after the Missing Moment, and Kang soon finds himself in a new position — on the run across the events of the Marvel Universe’s future!

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    Enter Jed Mackay, writer of Timeless #1 one-shot, on sale now from Marvel Comics. In Timeless, Mackay denies Kang the tiniest of slices of that which he has always boasted to control. There’s a single second that has eluded the conqueror, a blink that while we don’t know why he craves it, it’s clear that it’s has consumed his every thought for months. That consumption is driving him to anger and frustration, mostly out of character for the usually unflappable villain.

  • 92

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    MacKay crafts a well-organized tale that will keep readers at the edge of their seats. Timeless #1 infuses some high-octane action, dangles a few carrots that will gradually be revealed as 2023 unravels, and promotes an extremely well-balanced story that should provide some much-needed hope for Marvel Comics in 2023. MacKay concocts some depth to Kang the Conqueror, crafts some clever story beats for the future of Marvel Comics, and provides a super interesting tale that gets this reviewer excited for some more Kang issues this year. Ultimately, Timeless #1 doesn’t answer a ton of questions and frankly piles on even more. However, that’s the exact point of the narrative, which MacKay does in spades. His job was to provoke excitement for what’s to come in 2023 and he succeeds in that area brilliantly.

    Additionally, I’ve been following MacKay’s work for quite some time now and Timeless #1 shows fans a creator that’s really coming into his own. Over the years, I’ve drastically transitioned from a “character” comic fan to a “creator” comic fan. Meaning, I tend to read for the creative team now more than the character because I want good stories more than average stories about characters I like. When it just so happens to be both, that’s a win-win. My point is that I continue to find MacKay higher and higher on that list of writers I want to read and I believe Timeless #1 will showcase exactly what I’m talking about if given the chance. I highly recommend grabbing Timeless #1, especially if you’re a comic fan looking to get pumped for what’s to come in 2023.

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    Un Cómic Más

  • 82

    Comic Watch

    MacKay, Land, Zircher, and Larroca deliver a tale through the ages, as Kang comes face to face with a new threat, or is it? We get lots of clues dropped as to who this is, and Ive got my own thoughts, but thats not what matters. Its the hints that are dropped that are the things we should pay attention to, as well as that last panel. Either way, there seems to be a lot of fun stuff coming our way next year.

  • 80


    Once again, Timeless is an interesting vehicle to hint at Marvel’s 2023 stories while putting Kang through the paces. Due to the “Missing Moment” being a glorified McGuffin with little explanation and Kang mostly running from his enemies, this issue is essentially an extended preview that sets up Myddin’s team more than anything else. Characters don’t grow or change, but we do get tons new stuff to chew on as we await 2023 stories.

  • 80

    What has now become a tradition for the House of Ideas, Timeless #1 takes readers on a journey around the Marvel Universe as it teases the next year’s worth of storytelling. Only here, Jed MacKay managed to craft an extensive framing story that knocks Kang the Conqueror on his ass, leaving the villain fighting his greatest threats yet. It’s a genre-bending script that crosses the lines from sword and sorcery to sci-fi and fantasy before looping back around. While the teases are fine and dandy, MacKay and a team of artists do a splendid job at intertwining an Arthurian tale with the Marvel Universe with the end result being an absolute delight.

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    But Why Tho?

    Timeless (2022) #1 puts Kang the Conquerer through the wringer while also setting up Marvel’s wave of stories for 2023. It’s only fitting that one of the last comics of the year focuses on a time travel odyssey, and the last page teases that Kang’s journey is far from over. Honestly, I wouldn’t be mad if this is a recurring tradition with Marvel.

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    Marvel Heroes Library

  • 79

    Graphic Policy

    Timeless #1 is an interesting issue. It feels like an improvement on last year’s version but in the end, how things play out from here will really be how it’s all judged. Is this the start of something greater or just a fancy catalogue of what’s to come? Only time will tell.

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    Geek'd Out

    Much like last years Timeless, writer Jed MacKay makes the best of a tough assignment by delivering an action-packed romp that focuses more on the immediate story rather than just allude to whatever is coming from Marvel in 2023. Those, instead, are depicted as visual asides while Kang soliloquizes his plight to the reader; its an elegant solution to serve both masters while not distracting from the meat of the story. There are definitely some intriguing developments to be seen in them Beast appearing to lead a sort of army, a Wolverine-y Ghost Rider, the Pet Avengers(!!!), a belt with a stylized 777 on it but it does beg the question if any of them will actually be paid off within the next year.

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