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Time Before Time #24

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After her family perishes in a tragic accident, Verna Grace sets out to change the past—and she’s not going to let anyone, not even The Syndicate, get in her way.

A special TIME BEFORE TIME one-shot drawn by acclaimed guest artist WILL MORRIS (GOSPEL).

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30 pages
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3 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    You Don't Read Comics

    McConville and Shalvey move things around very, very quickly in a one-shot that could have easily taken up the space of its own supporting mini-series. There’s no question that Verna Grace could have been a much more captivating character if she had the opportunity to move around a bit more in and within the plot. As it is, the broad strokes that the character is given feel more or less perfect for the amount of story that she has. It’s a very well-paced issue.

  • 90


    This interlude between two story arcs could easily have been a throwaway story. Instead, with its emotionally charged story, it turns about to be the best of the entire series to date.

  • 80

    Time Before Time chooses to take a pit stop in issue #24 and tell a self-contained story of its own. In a time where this series has been juggling more arcs than ever, the choice to narrow the scope and tell a compelling time travel tale in the span of just about 20 pages feels refreshing. And even though this story on its own proves to be an enjoyable one, it’s the way in which this issue also provides more context to the rules and lore of Time Before Time that makes it that much more unique.

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