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Time Before Time #23

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Based on 3 critic ratings.


Nadia and Kevin race against time to save Arcola from destruction in the explosive conclusion to TIME BEFORE TIME’s latest arc.

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    The story by Rory McConville and Declan Shalvey is pretty standard and serves mainly to put Wells and Kevin on a trajectory to rescue Tatsuo – even though they still think he’s dead in the far-off future. The resolution to this issue is a bit hackneyed, but it serves its purpose.

    Before launching that final arc, the series will deliver a fill-in issue, which often plays a bigger-than-expected role in the upcoming storyline. Then Geoffo will take over for Coelho. Hopefully his work will capture the imagination like Coelho’s did.

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    Time Before Time’s latest arc has built in an incredibly satisfying manner over the past few issues, but this storyline comes to a somewhat-abrupt halt here in its 23rd installment. That’s not to say that what happens in this new issue is bad or disappointing, it just happens to wrap up in a way I didn’t expect. Still, even when I have small complaints about Time Before Time, that doesn’t prevent me from being continuously engaged with this series and excited about its future.

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    Even with time travel and sentient robots, Shalvey’s noir sensibilities cannot be suppressed. If you’re a fan of his work with Warren Ellis on Moon Knight or Injection, pick this book up. Time Before Time #23 is a satisfying wrap to this chapter of the story.

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