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Time Before Time #19

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In the aftermath of her devastating confrontation with The Arcola Institute, Nadia finally reunites with her mother and sister. Was it worth everything she lost to get to this point?

The fourth arc of the hit time travel series kicks off with art by JORGE COELHO (The Great Gatsby, Rocket Racoon).

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    This new story arc kicks off in the ancient past in a city that, on the surface, looks better than any future. But there is plenty of drama lying just under the surface in an interesting story from this creative team.
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    Whenever Time Before Time enters a new arc, I get a little bit nervous that this could finally be the first instance when the shoe finally drops in this series. After a stellar first 18 issues, I've started to wonder just how many great ideas Rory McConville and Declan Shalvey have left to keep Time Before Time feeling fresh. Thankfully, in the midst biggest transition in the history of the series, it still seems like Time Before Time has a lot left in the tank. Issue #19 primarily sets the stage by introducing the new locale and characters that will be appearing in the series quite often moving forward. And while there aren't many takeaways otherwise, I continue to remain optimistic and excited about what is being set up for the future.

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