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Thor #488

With the assistance of the Asgardians and the Godpack, Thor regains his freedom and begins to turn the tide in his favor. In another location, Jane witnesses Lorelei fleeing and pursues her, only to discover that she transforms into Malekith. Jane then encounters Sif and informs her of what she witnessed, but their conversation is interrupted when a building collapses on them. Hela appears and demonstrates her power by overpowering them all. She unveils Malekith’s complete plan and manipulates Kurse to perceive Thor as Malekith. Hela commands her minions to locate Malekith, but Thor opposes her decision. Hela proposes to return them all to Hel if Thor accompanies her, to which he reluctantly agrees. Before departing, Thor makes the Asgardians and Godpack swear not to attempt a rescue mission. Fortunately, the recently arrived Hulk has made no such commitment.

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22 pages
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