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Thor #482

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Thor, Don, Jane, the High Evolutionary, and the Godpack embark on a space mission to confront the New Immortals and the New Men. However, they are first attacked by the Kronans, who were sent by the New Immortals. Sif and Red Norvell have a conversation where she rejects his romantic advances but agrees to be his friend. During their journey in space, they come under attack and are forced to separate into different shuttles. Don experiences pain and Thor rushes to his aid, only to see him transform into Blake and disappear. Their shuttle is then pulled towards an asteroid where they are ambushed by the New Men and New Immortals, who reveal their plan to devastate Earth using a transformed Analyzer called Deux Ex Machinea. The villains intend to rule over the remaining world. A battle ensues, and Thor breaks free from the mystic construct known as Blake. Realizing they are outnumbered, Thor frees Loki from the netherrealm to aid them. With Loki’s help, they defeat Nobilus, the New Immortals, and the New Men, ultimately destroying Deus Ex Machina. Loki reminds Thor of his promise not to interfere with him unless Earth is threatened, and then departs.

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