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The X-Cellent #4 (of 5)

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Venus Dee Milo returns!

But how does the formerly deceased teleporter play into Zeitgeist’s plan to mutant godhood? The brightest stars always burn out the fastest. And when it comes to Zeitgeist’s infamy, a backstabbing teammate will do just the trick!

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    Major Spoilers

    My biggest problem with The X-Cellent #4 is that seeing good mutants, six evil mutants, a handful of dead mutants, and two alien Doops are just a lot to give us in a single issue, but overall it’s an entertaining comic with excellent coloring over very evocative art. It’s creepy in the right ways, even if those ways have overstayed their welcome a little bit.

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    With Zeitgeist still teetering on the verge of godhood, his own team still unsuccessfully plotting against him, and the X-Statix still bemoaning their position, The X-Cellent #4 reads like a miniseries with one too many issues spinning its wheels. Most of what occurs this month reads like a new iteration of similar events from last month. That’s especially troublesome when there’s not much sympathy to be felt for The X-Cellent whose members receive the lion’s share of attention. Endless threats and self-pity provide for some solid gags, but the jokes lose their luster with repetition. Hurt John’s narration offers a new perspective that primarily serves to set up this issue’s cliffhanger, and it’s a last page that still manages to summon excitement for the upcoming finale. Whether this extra step was necessary to reach it is an open question, though.

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