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The X-Cellent #3 (of 5)

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The public is going gaga for the X-Statix! But do their methods for reaching stardom justify the ends? And can Zeitgeist make his way back into the mainstream – or is he totally washed up?

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    The X-Cellent requires readers really ready to lean into dark humor, but if you’re prepared to watch the worst person imaginable continually succeed through means of cruelty, then The X-Cellent #3 is pretty damn funny. Zeitgeist’s team is centered in an issue that even provides metatextual commentary on his hijacking of the series’ story along with its title, and it’s a constant barrage of egotism and malice. Even if some of the doxxing commentary is too broad to land, the take downs and ugliness of each new revelation provide some regretful chuckles. It’s Zeitgeist’s inexplicable charisma that drives the issue’s most gruesome and memorable moments, however, and they’re portrayed in terrifying fashion within Allred’s always-excellent pop style that suits this material particularly well. The X-Cellent is aimed square at those with a sure appreciation of irony and twisted humor, and it regularly lands its punchlines in that zone.

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