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The X-Cellent #1 (of 5)

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Based on 6 critic ratings.

Your favorite celebrity super villains are back!

Zeitgeist is still on a mission to achieve social media godhood, no matter who he has to kill!

But the spotlight won’t be big enough when the next generation of the X-Statix drop in!

Join Peter Milligan and Michael Allred for the final half of their mutant celebrity saga!

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23 pages
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6 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 97

    Florida Geek Scene

    Overall, The X-cellent #1 is a promising start to what looks to be an exciting series. It offers a fresh take on the superhero genre, and its characters are both unique and relatable. Fans of the X-Statix series will be pleased to see some familiar faces, while newcomers to the series will be able to jump in without feeling lost.

    If you’re looking for a comic book series that breaks the mold, The X-cellent #1 is definitely worth checking out. With its engaging characters and stunning artwork, it’s sure to be a hit with comic book fans everywhere.

  • 93

    Major Spoilers

    Zeitgeist’s front is starting to crumble, but The Orphan finds himself having to compromise his own values to keep up with the X-Cellent. Things are really building to what could be a killer conclusion, which I hope is just the arc and not the series as a whole.

  • 80

    It’s a welcome sight to have The X-Cellent returned to comic book stores for the second season of Peter Milligan and Michael Allred’s pop culture riff on mutant fame. Readers were left with plenty of loose ends previously in The X-Cellent #5, and the new #1 does an excellent job reminding them where the story left off while heading directly into new misadventures and twists that range from the idiosyncratic to outright disgusting. Under Allred’s designs and buoyant style, it’s all a lot of fun, even when characters are mutilated. Although it has always been a thread in the X-Statix story, The X-Cellent #1 focuses on the concept of voyeurism via Zeitgeist’s right hand eyeball Uno. Both the humor and social commentary click as various members of each team spend their time watching one another. Wherever The X-Cellent is heading next, its return in this new volume promises readers more of the excellent and often humorous fare they’ve come to expect.

  • 80

    Impulse Gamer

    I would recommend this one if you are a fan of the X-Men but want some other characters in the same area of comics and a newer storyline that doesn’t really as much on what has happened before.

  • 70


    The X-Cellent‘s return to the comic book world continues to showcase the series’ unique storytelling techniques, offering a modern twist to their underrated heroes. Although the first issue doesn’t have the same impact as last year’s return, it sets up a stage for more interesting adventures to come with the same cultural relevance and self-aware humor. Mike Allred’s pencils continue to be the highlight of the title, even when some of the gags fall flat.

  • 70


    I liked this individual issue. Toodle Pip is a fun new addition, and she has a great scene where she puts Zeitgeist in his place, so I liked that. Uno gives some really interesting, really creepy narration. Milligan and the Allreds are great at coming up with and fully utilizing weird characters. And I really liked the general banter back and forth between everybody. This comic is uniquely its own, and this issue is a very good at showing off everything the world of the X-Cellent and X-Statix have to offer. If you’ve been enjoying this series so far, this relaunch should do you just fine. I just hope I don’t get my heart broken before all is said and done.

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