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The Wheel Of Time: The Great Hunt #1

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In this exciting new comics adaptations of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, the momentous events related in the prologue of the novel The Great Hunt are brought to vivid life! Dive back into Jordan’s captivating fantasy world and discover the fascinating events that set the stage for the adventures of Rand and his compatriots as they hunt down the Horn of Valere!

In chapter 1, “In the Shadows,” the Dark One gathers his sinister followers, the Darkfriends, and charges them to find the new Dragon that has been born into the world — at any cost. For unless he can separate the Dragon from the light, all of the Dark One’s meticulously crafted plans are threatened!

Written by RIK HOSKIN and illustrated by MARCIO ABREU with colors by VINICIUS ANDRADE, The Wheel of Time: The Great Hunt #1 also features beautifully rendered covers by MEL RUBI and JORDAN GUNDERSON, as well as a special photo cover from Prime Video’s The Wheel of Time TV series. All covers cardstock.

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    Rik Hoskin does a really good job with this prequel story. I really enjoyed how he set the scene for the arrival of Ba’alzaman by having Bors narrate what was happening as the events unfolded. I really enjoyed the dialogue exchanges between Bors and Ba’alzaman as it becomes apparent that Bors is being asked to track Perrin Aybara, Matrim Cauthon, and Rand al’Thor. I also enjoyed how Ba’alzaman described the three young men as a Blacksmith, a Swordsman, and a Trickster.

    Overall. I quite enjoyed this first issue, but am hoping for more from the series. Much like the TV series of the Wheel of Time, the narrative can be a tad slow as various plots get set up.

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