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The Vigil #6 (of 6)

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/Who Are the Vigil?/

/New member “The Wild Card” file loading…

The metahuman group the Vigil seems have to added a fifth member to the group… identity unknown. Powers unknown. Theory is they were picked up from a field mission, but no other details at this time. Remember, discretion is key

-you are being watched.

Stay vigilant. /…/

/you are being watched./

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    The team behind this comic should be extremely proud of what they’ve created. The tie-ins to other DC properties are great, but this comic would stand just as well on it’s own. I’m glad that we will continue to see more adventures with this team, and I’m onboard with whatever Ram V decides to do with it next.

  • 95

    Comics From The Multiverse

  • 92

    Comic Watch

    For those who have been following, you’ll likely appreciate the ending of this arc and will see the potential of this team. For anyone who has not given it a chance, this series is certainly a fun and mind bending read that won’t disappoint.

  • 90


    This issue, especially, encapsulates the unassuming feats of inventiveness that’s defined this book, and made it so the story lives and breathes in rich and nuanced ways.

  • 85

    Geek Dad

    This series definitely required more attention to detail than some other DC books, and a re-read might be called for after this issue, but the ending features some fascinating ties to other titles. Hopefully the tease for more at the end comes to pass.

  • 80

    Major Spoilers

    With DC launching so many books as a six-issue miniseries, I worried that The Vigil #6 would fall off the end of the pier, becoming another example of an interesting premise that never gets followed up on, but this issue wraps up the team’s origin story well, with strong writing, clever plot points, better-than-average art, and a gobsmacking ending.

  • 40

    The Vigil #6 runs on spy genre cliches and positions a “just as I planned it” reversal that serves to deliver almost the entire climactic conflict with narration explaining events in corresponding panels. It’s a poor form of comics writing that makes for an often tedious read. There are some interesting ideas and great bits of humor, but the plot of the issue combined with artwork that primarily serves to get the point across drags down the better qualities. Despite the middling to mediocre qualities of this final issue, The Vigil leaves behind an idiosyncratic team staged to feature within old Wildstorm’s increasing influence in current DC Comics. Their strained dynamics and odd personalities will be very welcome.

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